Leon Ames Celebrity Watchlist

Ed, the Horse Doctor
11:09 — Addison buys a race horse that has great promise until she comes down with an unknown illness. Ed comes to the rescue.
Cattle Drive
Otto and family battle the elements and predators to drive their cattle to the summer pasture. A missing calf causes Otto and Eivin to head off for a (more…)
Ed, the Songwriter
Through an elaborate ruse, Wilbur has a music publisher record a hit song composed, written and sung by Mister Ed, while under the impression that it (more…)
Crisis (1950)
Eugene Ferguson pledged to help people when he became a doctor, but will he perform a life-saving surgery on a South American tyrant (Jose Ferrer) who (more…)
The Horsetronaut
13:33 — Wilbur has to take an office downtown, away from Ed, who feels unwanted. Ed decides to get out of Wilbur's way for good.
The Mustache
Wilbur is trying to land a pending architectural job. Addison convinces him that he can, if he would only make himself look older. Wilbur tries to em (more…)
Series Trailer
00:30 — Battleground is a workplace drama set in the world of political campaigns. It takes place in Wisconsin, a real battleground state, as head campaign st (more…)
Campaign Comedy
00:25 — Experience the team camaraderie that takes place after the debates, between the speeches, and behind the chaos of a hard fought political campaign.
Yolanda And The Thief - Official Trailer
01:17 — A con artist sets out to make a wealthy but innocent South American girl believe that he is her guardian angel.
The Happy Years
Little Women - Official Trailer
02:15 — Louisa May Alcott's tales based on her youth growing up in the mid-1800's are classic Americana. Here we catch up with the four Alcott sisters during (more…)
Little Miss Broadway - Trailer
02:01 — The tenants of a boarding house for stage performers find renewed success with the help of a talented orphan.
Lady In The Lake - Official Trailer
03:29 — YOU look into the gun of a fear-maddened killer, thanks to the "subjective camera" of director/star Robert Montgomery in this adaptation of the Raymon (more…)
Little Women - Trailer
00:42 — Louisa May Alcott's tales based on her youth growing up in the mid-1800's are classic Americana. Here we catch up with the four Alcott sisters during (more…)
They Were Expendable - Official Trailer
01:36 — Fact-based account of American PT boat captains who took on the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Colorized version available.
It's A Big Country - Official Trailer
00:30 — With spacious skies, amber fields and alabaster cities gleaming, with E Pluribus Unum and red, white and bally-hoo, It's a Big Country celebrates the (more…)
Song Of The Thin Man - Trailer
00:57 — Final episode in the popular series, in which Nick and Nora Charles check out the New York jazz scene to find the murderer of a musician. One of young (more…)
A Date With Judy - Official Trailer
02:46 — Teenage hijinks in a post-war all-American town. Despite loads of talent, and a few a particulary ripe Liz Taylor snappy numbers, the whole thing is a (more…)
Meet Me In St. Louis - Trailer
01:40 — Classic Garland musical about a St. Louis family at the 1903 World's Fair, directed by the great Vincente Minnelli (who later became Judy's husband). (more…)
Scene Of The Crime - Official Trailer
02:06 — Van Johnson cracks heads and cases in this hardboiled crime thriller costarring Gloria DeHaven and Arlene Dahl, directed by Roy Rowland (The Girl Hunt (more…)
Peggy Sue Got Married - Official Trailer
02:39 — An unhappy middle-aged woman gets a second chance when she magically finds herself back in her adolescence. Both thoughtful and funny!
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