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Was Apprentice's Lee Shortchanged?

So many things were wrong — atypically disorganized and surprisingly cursory, if you will — about the live results show for this latest round of NBC's The Apprentice. Where was the heated final boardroom battle? Why was the reunion aspect all but ignored? Who dares to disappoint Jaime Pressly? And why didn't Trump reveal the actual, quantifiable outcome of each final task? After the Donald decided to hire read more

Apprentice's Sean Gets Job and Girl!

Did anyone warn the candidates on this season's The Apprentice that the British were coming? Because at the end of the day — meaning the 15-week job interview — 33-year-old London transplant Sean Yazbeck was the one hired, presumably by a large margin over runner-up Lee Bienstock. The morning after his crowning, Sean gave TVGuide.com a ring to rehash his winning run as well as answer some burning questions about the show's rather slapdash live finale. TVGuide.com: Congratulations on your hiring!Sean Yazbeck: Thank you very much! TVGuide.com: You did an excellent job of putting together your final-task team, which we all saw was very important. I mean, what the hell was Lee thinking?Sean:read more

The Apprentice's Bryce Cries Fowl

It was jingle all the way... off of NBC's The Apprentice (airing double episodes tonight, starting at 9 pm/ET) for Bryce Gahagan last week, when the 28-year-old custom-home builder got deconstructed by the Donald for, among other things, blaming the wrong teammates for Gold Rush's flunking the Arby's Chicken Naturals task. Does Bryce feel he made a bad call? And does he, like anyone, really believe Trump goes wild for fast-food roast beef? Here's what he had to tell TVGuide.com: TVGuide.com: The dominant theme for this season — more so than in other seasons — is, "Dude! You're bringing the wrong people into the boardroom."Bryce Gahagan: No, it's called integrity, and not playing into TV. I brought the right people [read more


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2006 The Apprentice: Get It in Gear
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2003 High School Reunion TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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The Apprentice Early on, it looked...

The ApprenticeEarly on, it looked to me like Synergy was cruisin' for a bruisin' in the cruise-ship-commercial challenge. Andrea clearly can't "play in the sandbox," as Roxanne put it. She was all offended by Roxanne's comments about her in the previous boardroom, and then she accuses Roxanne of not being able to handle someone being direct. Isn't that kind of a pot/kettle thing? (On a side note, Andrea's supposed to be a multimillionaire, yet she’s identified as a "Sticker Co. Owner." Does this make sense? That seems like a helluva lot of stickers.) I was glad when the Real Roxanne stood up for herself and demanded a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but I was also pretty sure her team was going to lose. That Synergy ad looked a little weak to me. Then again, how wa read more

Apprentice's "Nutty" Brent Gets Crunched

You knew it had to happen but probably not quite so soon. On last week's installment of NBC's The Apprentice, Brent Buckman was given the boot because of his failure to do nothing properly. Meaning, he was assigned to do nothing on the Grape-Nuts task, but couldn't even accomplish that to project manager Tammy's liking. Talk about "Can't win for losing"! How does Brent feel about his Apprentice portrayal? TVGuide.com asked the Toronto-born attorney about that and more. TVGuide.com: Clear up for us the exact scope of your responsibility on the Grape-Nuts task.Brent Buckman: My responsibility was really nothing. TVGuide.com: You were put in charge of "the wardrobe." What did that mean?Brent: read more

Apprentice's Theresa Is Rushed-a-home-a

At the end of an episode that featured a first for NBC's The Apprentice (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) — two players took a leave of absence to celebrate the Jewish new year — it was psychotherapist Theresa Boutross who got the boot, having generated not nearly enough horsepower on behalf of the new Chevy Tahoe. TVGuide.com asked Theresa about her boardroom booboo, that god-awful comedienne her team hired, and the one player for whom she has lost all respect. TVGuide.com: I thought it was a little bizarre that they had a task planned over Rosh Hashanah. What was the feeling amongst the candidates when you realized that was going to be a factor in this task?Theresa Boutross: We were all a little shocked, but god, that's great telev read more

The Apprentice For supposedly...

The ApprenticeFor supposedly smart financial wizards, the Apprentice candidates sure did some dumb things this week. Honestly, it's hard to pick out the worst idea of the bunch. Was it Team Gold Rush planning an entire event to promote the Chevy Tahoe without a theme? Maybe it was Synergy deciding to have a Dick Cheney-style skeet shoot in a public park. No, then it had to be Lenny, the Mad Russian, not renting a generator to run a revolving stage, right? (His response, "It's not my problem," was priceless. Who's problem was it, exactly?) How about Tarek digging post holes so the Chevy-dealership guys could pretend to play golf on a dirt track? For her part, Charmaine hired a foulmouthed comedienne for the event, then proceeded to pay read more

The Apprentice Not long ago, the...

The ApprenticeNot long ago, the Onion ran a hilarious piece titled "F--- Everything, We're Doing Five Blades," mocking the inanity of razor marketing. Well, meet the Gillette Fusion "shaving system" featuring — wait for it — five blades. Is there an expression for when real life can't keep up with satire? The 17 remaining Donald wannabes (Donnabes?) are tasked with creating a text-message marketing campaign for the Fusion. But first, Trump takes a quick break from product placement to engage in corporate America's other favorite pastime: nepotism. Donald's daughter, Ivanka, will be playing the role of Carolyn in tonight's episode, while old-school Apprentice Bill Rancic fills in for George. Team S read more


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