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Alex Is Recruited by the CIA
01:37 — If she leaves the SUV, the offer is gone.
Claire Haas Colluded With Liam to Get Elected
02:43 — Alex and Caleb are going to go after the Vice President.
Alex and Ryan Break up (For Good?)
01:31 — Even after all of this time, Ryan is still lying to Alex.
Alex and Ryan are looking for the bomb.
02:14 — Even if Ryan and Alex find the bomb, there’s no time to defuse it.
Simon Sacrifices Himself to Save Thousands
02:58 — He won't be able to save everyone, but he'll do his best.
Finding Miranda Is Top Priority
01:05 — Does that look on Alex’s face suggest she still doesn't trust Liam?
Alex's Father and Liam Aided a Terrorist Group
01:20 — The militia wasn’t acting upon their threats so the agents gave them a push
The Terrorist Is Revealed
01:21 — Miranda confirms her suspicions, Liam is the terrorist.
Shelby’s Tanking Her Career to Take Down Her Parents
01:00 — She's so hurt, she just wants to see them pay.
There’s a Nuke in NYC
01:02 — The FBI might evacuate NY & Ryan’s a person of interest in the case.
Alex Is Ready to Kick Ryan’s @$$
01:08 — Holding back isn't something Ryan or Alex can do.
Alex the Ninja
01:02 — The computers were distraction to get Alex in the building.
Caleb Is in Deep Undercover at Sistemics
01:19 — Caleb’s deep inside and working with his father to take them down.
Alex Interrogates Shelby: Is She a Terrorist?
01:34 — Shelby couldn’t let the terrorists know she’s working against them.
Shelby Reveals Everything to Alex
01:28 — Shelby’s not working for the terrorists, she’s working against them.
The FBI Knows Alex Helped Vasquez Avoid Security
00:37 — Miranda doesn’t want to believe it, but she needs to do something about it.
Caleb Beats Will to Within an Inch of His Life
01:53 — To save Will, he needs to beat Will.
Drew Breaks Off His Relationship With Alex
01:07 — He know it’s only a matter of time before Ryan and Alex get back together.
Alex Recruits Raina to Find Caleb Haas
01:11 — Caleb Haas is the key to finding the terrorist.
Alex Discovers Caleb Is a Drug Addict
02:32 — Caleb's dealing with his grief the only way he knows how.
Alex Knows the VP Nominee Is Hiding Caleb Haas
01:04 — Alex is going to be sorry when she learns the truth.
Ryan’s No Longer the Man Alex Fell For
01:00 — Aspects of Ryan might be the same, but he’s changed too much for Alex.
The Difference Between Success and Failure
00:57 — Sometimes the only difference between win and lose is how in shape you are.
Shelby Meets Her Parents
02:26 — All they wanted was a chance to explain and Shelby gave it to them.
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