Lenay Dunn



  • Curb Your Enthusiasm "So random."
  • Family Guy "I love the random cutaways to funny scenes. It's cleverly written, and just a classic cartoon version of a stereotypical American Family that I get a kick out of!"
  • iCarly "Anything on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon I pretty much like."
  • Glee "I started out watching this show as homework for my show 10 on Top, since it's a celebrity/pop culture countdown show and Glee is on it a lot. But then I fell in love with it! I especially love Brittany; her character is so clueless and funny. Like when someone pranked her and filled her locker with dirt, she was like, "I don't remember putting that in there.""
  • Selling New York "It's fun to watch people shop for condos in New York. The properties are so crazy-cool sometimes."

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