Sun Nov 29 2:23am
ScandalIt's Good to Be Kink(Season 4, Episode 16) BET

A woman wants to expose sex secrets, which could be damaging to aristocracy of Washington, D.C., so Olivia works on stopping this threat. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has concerns about Mellie's sister and how she could negatively impact their political plans.

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Sun Nov 29 8:00pm
The SimpsonsEvery Man's Dream(Season 27, Episode 1) FOX

Season 27 begins with Homer being diagnosed as a narcoleptic, which sends him on a bender, after which he returns home drunk. This prompts a visit to a marriage counselor and results in a trial separation from Marge, during which Homer finds himself a 20-s (more…)

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Tue Dec 1 10:00pm
GirlsPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) HBOSGe

In the premiere of this comedy about twentysomething women navigating their way through life in New York, Hannah swings and misses at two curves when her parents rescind their financial support and she loses her unpaid internship. Meanwhile, Hannah's roomm (more…)

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Tue Dec 1 10:30pm
GirlsVagina Panic(Season 1, Episode 2) HBOSGe

An appointment at a women's clinic doesn't go according to Marnie's detailed plans, mostly because Jessa will find any reason not to show up. Meanwhile, Hannah is preoccupied by an STD scare; and Shoshanna makes a startling revelation.

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Wed Dec 2 10:00pm
GirlsAll Adventurous Women Do(Season 1, Episode 3) HBOSGe

Hannah contacts her college boyfriend to find out how she contracted an STD, but learns perhaps even more shocking news from him. Meanwhile, Marnie is smitten with a pretentious artist at a gallery opening; and Jessa lands a babysitting job.

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Wed Dec 2 10:30pm
GirlsHannah's Diary(Season 1, Episode 4) HBOSGe

Adam's risqué text message sends Hannah over the edge; Jessa gets distracted while babysitting; Shoshanna reunites with a guy she knew at camp; Ray and Charlie stick their noses where they don't belong.

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Thu Dec 3 10:00pm
GirlsHard Being Easy(Season 1, Episode 5) HBOSGe

Hannah tries a different tack with her boss to counter his inappropriate office behavior—she propositions him. Meanwhile, Marnie does some soul-searching about her relationship with Charlie; and Jessa wants the last word with an ex.

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Thu Dec 3 10:30pm
GirlsThe Return(Season 1, Episode 6) HBOSGe

Hannah visits her parents in Michigan for their 30th anniversary, and winds up going on a date to a fund-raiser for a local family who suffered a tragic loss.

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Fri Dec 4 10:00pm
GirlsWelcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident(Season 1, Episode 7) HBOSGe

At a raging party in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, Hannah sees a different side of Adam; Jessa lures the sender of an anonymous text message; Marnie finds out what Charlie's been up to for the past two weeks; and Shoshanna gets a hand from Ray when she (more…)

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Fri Dec 4 10:30pm
GirlsWeirdos Need Girlfriends Too(Season 1, Episode 8) HBOSGe

Marnie and Jessa bond and meet an eligible bachelor who's new in town; Hannah gets to know Adam in ways she could not have imagined.

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Mon Dec 7 10:00pm
GirlsLeave Me Alone(Season 1, Episode 9) HBOSGe

Hannah's resentment of an old rival's literary success leads her to grudgingly accept an invitation to a reading hosted by her former professor, a pair of setbacks about which she could usually complain to Marnie—until now. Meanwhile, Jessa gets a surpri (more…)

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Mon Dec 7 10:30pm
GirlsShe Did(Season 1, Episode 10) HBOSGe

In the first-season finale, Jessa brings everyone together for a "mystery party," but other surprises are in store when Hannah misjudges Adam's commitment; Marnie tries her free-spirited side on for size; and Shoshanna's quirkiness impresses a suitor.

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Tue Dec 8 10:00pm
GirlsIt's About Time(Season 2, Episode 1) HBOSGe

In the Season 2 premiere, Hannah throws a party with her new roommate, Elijah, and is ready to move on in her romantic life despite still tending to a needy Adam and his broken leg. Meanwhile, Shoshanna does her best to avoid Ray; Marnie gets bad news from (more…)

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Tue Dec 8 10:30pm
GirlsI Get Ideas(Season 2, Episode 2) HBOSGe

Hannah's unnerved by Adam's creepy dirges that he posted on the Web, but is miffed by Sandy's critique of her essay. Meanwhile, Marnie considers a new career path; Elijah confesses a recent transgression to George; and Jessa gets a gift from her husband.

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Wed Dec 9 10:00pm
GirlsBad Friend(Season 2, Episode 3) HBOSGe

Hannah tackles a freelance assignment with some help from a junkie, who lives downstairs, and Elijah, who lets slip a secret in a moment of peak indulgence. Meanwhile, Marnie has an encounter with artist Booth Jonathan at her new workplace and at his studi (more…)

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Wed Dec 9 10:30pm
GirlsIt's a Shame About Ray(Season 2, Episode 4) HBOSGe

Hannah's grown-up dinner party is marred by her guests' childish behavior, including Marnie's showdown with Audrey. Meanwhile, Shoshanna realizes her relationship with Ray has advanced to a new phase; and Jessa meets Thomas-John's parents.

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