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Exclusive: Janel Moloney Raises Heck on L&O: CI

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Oh, Donna Moss, how far have you fallen?Janel Moloney, best known to TV fans from her wholesome run on The West Wing — but who also showed us a certain somethin'-somethin' on Showtime's saucy Brotherhood — has landed a plum gig on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, TVGuide.com has learned.When the USA Network series launches its eighth season on Nov. 6, Moloney will guest-star as the manipulative wife of a preacher man (Leland Orser, aka ER's Dr. Dubenko), who is a "person of interest" in the death of a high-profile doctor.For its new season, lest you need reminding, CI has Jeff Goldblum filling the void left by Chris Noth's departure. — Matt MitovichCrave scoop? E-mail Matt and Mickey at mega_scoop@tvguide.com. read more

"Officer Down"

Tensions were running high tonight as our favorite doctors distracted by their own personal problems and agendas dealt with the shootings of two police auxiliary officers Morris internalized his grief over the loss of his father but externalized his frustration as he doggedly fought to save the lives of the victims and vented his anger on a veteran officer Mimi Kennedy assigned to oversee their training I simply cant say enough about the fine work that Scott Grimes continues to turn in as a former slacker who has emerged as a talented doctor mostly in spite of himself When he opened up to Abby about his loss it clarified a lot about his motivation to be a better doctor Morris colleagues had their own share of drama to contend with as well While trying to sort out his relationship with Bettina Pratt treated a high-school wrestler secretly battling bulimia Gates pulled strings with Dubenko to get his unwilling young ICU prodigy into a clinical trial just as ru read more

"The War Comes Home"

Has it really been almost four months since last we spoke I dont know about you guys but as summer fades into fall I am so ready to slip into my scrubs and welcome the start of season 14 As rumors swirl about whether or not this will be the last shift for our beloved staff at Chicagos County General I am ready to settle in and enjoy the gurney ride Indeed the action picked up tonight right where we left off in May when we learned about Rays horrific injuries and watched as Neela was trampled in the chaotic aftermath of an anti-war demonstration gone horribly wrong Actually I suspect that this particular episode was actually filmed at the end of last season Dr Moretti Stanley Tucci kicked off his official reign as ER chief with the resulting mass casualty and Neelas life hung in the balance as a battalion of her friends and colleagues worked tirelessly to save her life My only disappointment was that any suspense around Neelas fat read more

February 8, 2007: Dying Is Easy....

So lets start with the important stuff first I am thrilled to report that all the bad facial hair in the ER has left the building at least for the time being The porn 145stache is gone and the Stamos stubble is now a mere five oclock shadow of its former self The disturbance in the force has been resolved and now we can get back to focusing on important medical matters like how ridiculously tall dark and yummy Goran Visnjic is Oh and you can be sure there will be more on that in a minute I just need to regroup after all the crying I just did ER has an amazing track record with memorable guest appearances and that streak continued tonight As a huge fan of Six Feet Under and his work on that show it was great to see Freddy Rodriguez as Simon the leukemia-stricken comedian His interaction with Abby Sam and Morris was very entertaining and bittersweet and I was glad to see that he finally got a chance to do his act albeit from a hospital bed Sam f read more

December 7, 2006: City of Mercy

Were getting ready for winter break folks but this episode was the perfect finale to what has been a fantastic fall for our beloved ER I have always enjoyed the holiday-themed episodes and tonight was no exception While this one probably wouldnt rank up there with some of the classic Christmases in the ER in my book remember the one where Jeannie Boulet put her star on top of the ER Christmas tree it did have the distinction of featuring Goran Visnjic dressed as a reindeer Just when I thought Luka couldnt get any more adorable I am proven wrong Despite a healthy dose of romances old and new it wasnt all mistletoe and merriment Luka and Abby learned that Ames filed a restraining order after their confrontation The conversation that Luka and Abby had in the apartment was very telling When Abby talked about being afraid of losing what they have she encapsulated in just a few words the concerns of all the viewers who care so much about the happ read more

October 5, 2006: Somebody to Love

Before I start on the juicy stuff I need someone to explain to me why in the 13th season of a show someone thought it was a good idea to change the theme music I understand that the trend with a lot of shows is to forego the opening credits and I dont necessarily have a problem with that But why change such a recognizable and long-standing part of the show Those first few percussive strains have always been my signal to get back to the couch Ive mentioned before how small familiar touches have really helped maintain the continuity for me amid the numerous cast changes and the theme music has always been a part of that Bad call Anyway I was so glad to see the wonderful John Mahoney back at home on NBC acting his heart out and singing as Bennett Cray He was always my favorite part of Frasier but this character was a far cry from the conservative old-fashioned Martin Crane he skillfully embodied for so long The love story between Bennett and his partner read more

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