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Girl Meets World's Ben Savage: "We're Telling a New Story"

Girl Meets World

Like his Boy Meets World alter ego Cory Matthews, Ben Savage was a little hesitant stepping into a (slightly) new world.

"The idea for Girl Meets World had been floating and bubbling for a couple months before I actually got a call about it [and] once I got an official call ... I didn't say yes right away," Savage tells TVGuide.com. "I think there was a little bit of hesitation because we just wanted to make sure that if we were gonna come back and we were gonna do something with the show, that we wanted to do ...
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Rider Strong and More Boy Meets World Alums to Appear on Girl Meets World

William Russ and Betsy Randle

More Boy Meets World alums are stopping by Disney Channel's upcoming series Girl Meets World.

Rider Strong, who portrayed Cory's best friend Shawn, and Betsy Randle and William Russ, who played Cory's parents, will reprise their roles on the spin-off.

Which TV shows should reunite?

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Which Boy Meets World Alum Will Appear on the Sequel Series?

Ben Savage and Lee Norris

A very familiar face is stopping by Disney Channel's upcoming series Girl Meets World.

Lee Norris, who played Cory, Shawn and Topanga's nerdy classmate Minkus on Boy Meets World, will reprise his role in... read more

One Tree Hill's Lisa Goldstein: Millie Struggles to Confront Mouth About His Weight Gain

Lisa Goldstein and Lee Norris

How do you tell your boyfriend he's gotten fat? That's a question One Tree Hill's Millie will face on Wednesday's episode.

"Mouth has no idea what's wrong," Lisa Goldstein tells TVGuide.com. "He hasn't taken a good look at himself in the mirror and Millie is struggling with how to tell him."

Tragedy, Transformation and Troubled Couples: What to expect from One Tree Hill's last season

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Tragedy, Transformation and Troubled Couples: What to Expect From One Tree Hill's Last Season

Austin Nichols, Sophia Bush

While One Tree Hill may be known for soapy plotlines mixed in with a few psycho killers (RIP, Nanny Carrie), the heart of the series has always been the relationships. As the show embarks on its ninth and final season, we were on the set with the cast as they warned that it's definitely not all rainbows and butterflies for the core couples. From Nathan's absence to an accident involving one of Brooke and Julian's babies, see what to expect when One Tree Hill returns (Wednesday, 8/7c, The CW).

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Which One Tree Hill Character Gets Fat for the Final Season?

One Tree Hill, Lee Norris

When One Tree Hill returns on Wednesday (8/7c, CW) one character will be virtually unrecognizable.

"Mouth [has] gained about 60 pounds," Lee Norris tells TVGuide.com. "He's undergone a physical transformation ... but what is really going to interest the audience is why this transformation happened."

The cast of One Tree Hill shares their all-time favorite episodes

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One Tree Hill Preview, Part 2: Of Love and... Death?

James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti by Fred Norris/The CW

In Part 1 of our QA with Mark Schwahn the creator of One Tree Hill ruminated on the big love rectangle and other plans for Lucas Brooke and Peyton Here in Part 2 Schwahn surveys whats ahead for the rest of the gang Season 6 of One Tree Hill kicks off Monday at 9 pmET Matt MitovichTVGuidecom What is Haleys No 1 priority these daysSchwahn Haley Bethany Joy Galeotti has got a lot going on The show demands that some have more going on that others and this year Haley doesnt have one through line shes got like five Shes got the issue of being a musician if she wants to pursue music does that mean touring Will she be happy just writing songs Will she be happy teaching music Will that take her away from her family in a way that shes not comfortable with At the same time shes really relevant as a teacher And shes obviously relevant as a mom and a wife If Nathan and Haley are going to pursue their dreams can they do it differently o read more

VIDEO: Love Gets "Interesting" for Tree Hill's Mouth

Did everyone enjoy the Hilarie video? I myself cannot watch it enough. Moving on to Mouth... TVGuide.com had a bombshell to drop on Lee Norris at the start of this interview; see how he reacts! Lee goes on to describe the status of Mouth and Millicent's romance as "interesting" (at the 1:40 mark), and then reveals the cast members he wishes he had more scenes with (2:15).Lee also answers several reader questions, discussing how he survived the transition from child to adult actor (3:40), his destiny to forever be known as Boy Meets World's Minkus (4:50), his "secret" past as an a capella geek (5:40) and his latest iPod downloads (6:25). — Matt MitovichOne Tree Hill Set Visit Videos:• Chad Michael Murray Tells (Almost) All• Hilarie Burton: No More Tears for Peyton?• "Bonus" Burton: Hilarie Shows How to Play "Who's Coolest?"• Sophia Bush: Is Brooke Still in a Dark Place?• Bethany Joy Galeotti: Love Scenes Ahead for "Naley"?• Lee Norris on Mouth's "In... read more

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