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Original Becky from Roseanne Never Watched the Finale

Lecy Gorenson

Spoiler alert?

Lecy Goranson, who played the original Becky on Roseanne, never kept up with the show after she left for good in its penultimate season — and, as a result, she didn't even know that her on-screen father, Dan (John Goodman), died in the series finale.

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I have been reading ...

Question: I have been reading everyone's comments on the Isaiah Washington situation over at Grey's Anatomy. While I agree that it was both wrong and stupid to start the whole fracas again by using the word to deny the use of the word, I think there must be better ways to address the situation than firing Washington and either killing off the character or replacing him. I have found in the past that killing off a main character has had a "jumping the shark" effect on my enjoyment of the show. Perhaps instead the show can use this as a springboard to introduce a gay character and explore the issue in an intelligent manner (though hopefully less preachy than 7th Heaven). After reading your comments regarding the recasting of prime-time characters, I happily recalled the episode of Roseanne when Lecy Goranson returned after Sarah Chalke had taken over the part (and did an excellent job!), and they did the "Identical Beckys" musical number. I thought it was hysterical, and it is my fondest ... read more

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