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Season 2: Pushing Daisies: Season 2 Trailer
01:48 — Dig into a delicious second helping of Pushing Daisies, the multiple Emmyr Award-winning series that USA Today's Robert Bianco calls, "a wholly origin (more…)
Parenthood: I'm Still Here Trailer
01:48 — Crosby asks Joel for help dealing with a housing problem Julia talks to Sarah about her situation Kristina fights for the charter school while dealing (more…)
Parenthood: A Potpourri Of Freaks Trailer
01:52 — Max forms an intimate new friendship. Elsewhere, Sarah encounters Sandy and tries to understand the role she plays in Ruby's life Hank deals with a di (more…)
Parenthood: Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped Trailer
01:19 — Max experiences heartache, which leads him to wage a propaganda campaign against a classmate. Meanwhile, financial troubles leave Crosby with a sense (more…)
Parenthood: The Scale Of Affection Is Fluid Trailer
00:55 — Max tries to learn about his new friend and receives some sketchy relationship advice from Adam. Meanwhile, Amber develops a crush Julia's new beau ma (more…)
Parenthood: Let's Be Mad Together Trailer
01:23 — The Luncheonette's label gets off to a rough start Max's photography gets him into hot water. Boundaries are an issue for several members of the fami (more…)
Parenthood: All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard Trailer
00:35 — An Amber alert rocks the Braverman clan, while Adam and Kristina try to settle into campaign life. Ray Romano and Matt Lauria guest star.
Parenthood: Too Big To Fail Trailer
00:54 — Crosby struggles with slow business at the Luncheonette but receives some help from Jasmine. Meanwhile, Hank and Sarah plan a game night and Drew trie (more…)
Parenthood: Because You're My Sister Trailer
00:40 — Sarah's forced to choose Amber and Ryan get together Victor joins the family Crosby and Jasmine celebrate great news.
Parenthood: The Enchanting Mr. Knight Trailer
01:25 — The Bravermans struggle to adjust to new living arrangements as the bomb drops: Zeek and Camille want to sell the house. Kristina has a checkup and b (more…)
Parenthood: Happy Birthday, Zeek Trailer
01:26 — Kristina attempts to meet the needs of her students at Chambers Academy while Adam deals with a lunch vendor who suddenly quit his job. Elsewhere, Zee (more…)
Parenthood: The Ring Trailer
01:37 — Amber makes a tough choice Julia gets bad news, and the media attacks Adam and Kristina while Zeek lives it up, home alone.
Parenthood: What To My Wondering Eyes Trailer
03:17 — The Bravermans rally at Christmas to get Kristina through a crisis.
Parenthood: How Did We Get Here? Trailer
00:59 — Zeek's taken to the hospital and his family gather near him, anxiously awaiting news. However, Adam and Crosby must leave to tend to a crisis at their (more…)
Parenthood: Vegas Trailer
01:38 — Sarah and Zeek head to Las Vegas to celebrate Zeek's birthday as the sixth season opens. Elsewhere, Amber deals with adulthood and new life changes an (more…)
Parenthood: My Brother's Wedding Trailer
01:03 — The Bravermans come together to celebrate a momentous event while Julia and Joel strive to overcome the emotional rollercoaster adopting a child has p (more…)
Parenthood: Fraud Alert Trailer
01:08 — Joel and Sarah are in high spirits after finishing their projects at work Adam cheers up a gloomy Max by taking him on a new adventure and Amber treat (more…)
Parenthood: You've Got Mold Trailer
01:04 — Hank and Sarah collaborate, Joel and Julia face their children, and Crosby and Jasmine have a terrible visitor.
Parenthood: Just Like At Home Trailer
01:25 — Julia turns to her siblings for support Jasmine and Crosby move in with Zeek and Camille while work is being done on their home and Drew asks Amber fo (more…)
Parenthood: The Waiting Room Trailer
01:31 — The family waits for news about Zeek. Meanwhile, Julia and Joel discuss their relationship status Amber faces the future with Drew's support Sarah att (more…)
Parenthood: Tough Love Trailer
01:23 — Julia struggles to detach herself from getting too involved in Zoe's life, Kristina reacts to Amber and Bob Little's plans to go off on a weekend busi (more…)
Parenthood: Everything Is Not Ok Trailer
00:47 — Somebody is not happy the Vending machine has been removed.
Parenthood: Lean In Trailer
00:56 — An open house is held at Chambers' Academy, but it's marred by tension between Dylan and Max. Meanwhile, Hank's pleased that Ruby's looking forward to (more…)
Parenthood: Let's Go Home Trailer
01:40 — Zeek and Camille find some old rolls of film, which Max develops. Meanwhile, Sarah and Julia share their relationship concerns and Jasmine interferes (more…)
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