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Castle Gets an Offer He Can't Refuse
02:15 — Castle's hands are tied.
Sneak Peek: Back from the Dead?
01:09 — Preview Episode 19: "That man was dead!"
Is Ben Worth It?
01:17 — Claire panics about the imposter in Adam's room.
Sneak Peek: Beckett & Castle Question a Victim
01:39 — Preview Episode 19: Who would poison a city safety inspector?
Sneak Peek: Castle Brainstorms Superhero Names
01:32 — Preview Episode 19: Is this guy ordinary or a real-life superhero?
How Doug Met Adam
01:52 — Find out Hank's true involvement in Adam's kidnapping.
Was Haley Really Framed?
02:02 — Preview Episode 18: An MI6 agent claims Haley isn't innocent.
Castle Grants Beckett's Wish
01:29 — Beckett wants Castle to take her to bed.
Claire Welcomes Ben Home
01:29 — Knowing he is not Adam, Claire welcomes Ben home.
Ben Becomes Adam
01:27 — Willa's long-held secrets and lies come to the surface.
The Family Season 1
After missing for a decade, Adam Warren returns home.
Falling Apart
01:20 — Claire is furious with Willa's actions.
Castle & Beckett Are Back!
02:00 — But does Beckett have a new rival?
Adam's Friend Ben
02:45 — Claire confronts Willa about Ben.
Esposito's Criminally Hot Ex-Fiancée
02:01 — Preview Episode 16: Javi reveals he was engaged... to a criminal!
It's Not Adam
01:47 — Who is the stranger living with the Warren family?
Nina Lies to the Police
01:27 — Nina kills a child kidnapper in cold blood.
Adam's Abductor
01:28 — Adam identifies his abductor.
Danny Questions Adam's True Identity
00:54 — Danny is still suspicious of Adam's true identity.
Castle Meets a Hollywood Head Honcho
01:29 — Castle visits with an enthusiastic movie studio executive.
Adam Talks to Hank
01:30 — Adam Warren & Hank Asher come face-to-face.
Castle Lands in Hollywood
01:28 — Castle hears from the mysterious Greatest Detectives Society.
Corporate Nonsense
01:07 — Castle stops by the office and is bored by the uninspiring cases that are crossing his desk. Luckily, the evening news is always there to spice things (more…)
Castle Presents: The Rickies!
00:54 — Which film will win the coveted prize at The Rickies?
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