Laurie Ann Gibson

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Songwriter's Delight
00:58 — The 'stars' are enlisted by Rodney Jerkins to team up and write original songs.
We All Shine On
01:22 — David shines as he serenades the world with his song.
Reaching The Highest Ground
01:18 — ChristopherJohn belts out some of Stevie's classic lyrics while strumming the acoustic.
Respect This B****
02:09 — During a conversation with J.Free, Jaila defends herself for her choice to live as a woman.
Owning The Stage
02:21 — Todd offers Lauriana advice on how to keep her cool while performing for Diddy.
Everybody For Themselves
00:43 — The remaining 'stars' get news that Diddy has decided to change the format of the competition.
Growing Up
01:30 — Liz holds in the mist as she sings 'Big Girls Don't Cry.'
Family Matters
02:19 — After receiving bad news from home, Omotayo needs support from the housemates.
The Band Goes To The Beach
02:09 — The housemates take a field trip to Venice Beach and Jaila has some interesting feelings about Tommie's friend.
The Way The Cookie Crumbles
01:41 — The housemates help Omotayo with tightening his vocal performance for the big performance.
The Best Prize
01:20 — Lauriana is overcome with joy when her sister makes a surprise visit after her performance.
I'm In It To Win It
02:02 — Charles gives a 'regular' performance and the judges don't believe he's advanced enough.
Just Stretch Yourself
02:49 — David and Monet have an intimate sit-down with the judges and gain insight into how to win the competition.
Maybe She Needs To Hear It
02:52 — Meg seeks support after overhearing the housemates critiquing her performance.
Find Your Style
01:29 — The contestants are given thirty minutes to raid a closet for their perfect performance outfit.
Time With Todd
01:17 — Todd takes a moment out to bless us with a melody.
Ready For Their Close-Ups
01:37 — The remaining contestants have a photo shoot for a magazine and Melody learns a lesson.
I Don't See No Stars
02:20 — Alex, Blake, Tom and Chuck are told that they need to step it up as guitar players.
You Must Not Know About Omotayo
01:26 — Omotayo shows that he is 'Irreplaceable' with the help of ChristopherJohn.
Dreams Come True
01:08 — David speaks about his dream of performing his original song for the world.
Bringing It
00:46 — Lauriana tries to get back on top by rehearsing "Rehab" all over the house.
Spray and Pay
02:02 — Laurie Ann and friends invade the house before meeting with the contestants.
01:21 — Monet dedicates a song to all of the gentlemen and a certain extremity.
Malcolm X
01:53 — Biographical epic of the controversial and influential Black Nationalist leader, from his early life and career as a small-time gangster, to his minis (more…)
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