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MoneyWatch: Why RadioShack wants to close stores soon; Target to expand in organics
01:26 — RadioShack has been given the green light to sell leases to more than 1,100 stores. Also, Target is planning to double its offering of organic and sus (more…)
MoneyWatch: Many workers expect a raise; Used car prices going up
01:14 — A new survey finds how many workers expect a raise in the next year and how many will look for a new job if they don't get that pay hike. Also, the pr (more…)
Car buyers opting for longer 7-year loans
03:13 — Analysts are worried with more and more car buyers opting for longer loans, an auto finance bubble could be on the horizon. Lauren Lyster, host of "Ho (more…)
The market is up due to good jobs numbers
03:28 — It was a high-flying week for the stock market. The Dow topped 15 thousand on Friday, before popping just below that mark, still with a record close. (more…)
What's stopping autonomous cars?
01:31 — This week a self-driving car traveled across the country from California to New York. Several automakers say we are just a few years away from having (more…)
MoneyWatch: Obamacare deadline not well-known; Microsoft upgrading Cortana?
01:21 — A survey reveals many adults believe the deadline to register for health care under the Affordable Care Act has passed for 2015. Also, Microsoft is re (more…)
State of the economy
04:09 — Lauren Lyster, Host of Hot Stock Minute on Yahoo Finance, tells us what we can expect from the latest unemployment numbers.
Delta flight evacuated after bomb threat
00:41 — Passengers have been evacuated from a flight from at John F. Kennedy International Airport after an alleged bomb threat was reported. CBSN’s Lauren (more…)
MoneyWatch: Retailers told to stop selling realistic toy guns; Amazon launches its next venture
00:58 — Walmart, Amazon, Kmart and Sears are being told by New York's attorney general to stop selling toy guns that look like real ones. Also, Amazon says it (more…)
MoneyWatch: Who doesn't like free shipping; Elvis' planes up for auction
01:09 — A new analysis finds expanded free shipping perks over the holidays doesn't give everyone a dose of holiday cheer. Also, Elvis Presley's private plane (more…)
MoneyWatch: Ford eyes new data for new cars; Millions for "Magnum, P.I." house
01:07 — Ford is testing tools like eye-tracking and biometric data to help build their vehicles. Also, the Hawaii house on the beach in "Magnum, P.I." has sol (more…)
WhatsApp deal
02:59 — Lauren Lyster, Host of Hot Stock Minute on Yahoo! Finance, explains why Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp is a good deal.
Early morning dance parties heating up NYC
01:27 — DJs performing to packed dance clubs usually takes place late at night, but early morning raves known as "daybreakers" are becoming a popular way to e (more…)
Yellen testifies in front of Congress for second day
04:02 — Lauren Lyster, Host of "Hot Stock Minute" on Yahoo! Finance, discusses what Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen had to say to lawmakers and what it mea (more…)
Jobs report: Hiring slows in July
03:51 — The Labor Department says hiring slowed in July, as employers added just 162,000 jobs last month. The modest figure was still enough to push the natio (more…)
The economy is improving, so why are Americans feeling so down?
02:39 — Steady job-creation this year has failed to quell people's anxiety about their financial prospects and the broader direction of the economy. CBS News' (more…)
MoneyWatch: Cyber Monday around the corner; use of credit on the rise
01:07 — Shoppers are gearing up for Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. Also, nearly 40 percent of shoppers will use credit for their p (more…)
MoneyWatch: Disappointing jobs report; Monet paintings likely to fetch millions
01:17 — The Labor Department reported a disappointing number of jobs were added in March. Also, Sotheby's says six paintings headed to auction by artist Claud (more…)
Economists expect pick up in hiring
03:38 — Lauren Lyster, Host of Hot Stock Minute on Yahoo! Finance, discusses the latest jobs report.
MoneyWatch: Fresh look due on economic growth; Walmart expands Cyber Monday deals
01:16 — Over the next week investors will get a fresh look at economic growth last quarter. Also, Walmart is planning more than twice as many Cyber Monday dea (more…)
Hackers for hire helping companies
01:47 — Hackers have successfully broken into several companies, including Target and Sony. Now some corporations are fighting fire with fire, hiring hackers (more…)
Potholes wreak havoc for drivers across America
01:42 — Spring is just around the corner, but while the thaw is beginning, pothole season is as well. They're taking a toll on cars across the nation. Lauren (more…)
What is the future of bitcoin?
04:36 — What is bitcoin and what kind of impact will the collapse of a major exchange have on it? Lauren Lyster, Host of "Hot Stock Minute" on Yahoo! FInance (more…)
MoneyWatch: New vehicles more efficient; Velveeta sauce singles saved
01:06 — Fuel efficiency of new vehicles rose in January for the first time in months. Also, discount retailers have helped save single servings of Velveeta Ch (more…)
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