Lauren Abraham

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Paradise Islands: Creatures of the Moon
44:11 — From the largest fish on earth to tiny technicolor crabs, the moon wields a mysterious power over the wildlife of the tropical seas and coastlines of (more…)
Paradise Islands: Sun Kings
44:11 — This is the story of how the tropical sun’s consistent daily rule sustains the greatest assemblage of life on Earth, a world of flying snakes and sing (more…)
Animal Moms: Home Schooled
44:11 — In this episode, we see how the animal youngsters learn by copying mom. It's essential they acquire all the skills that will help keep them alive in t (more…)
Animal Moms: Terrible Twos
44:11 — We've already seen how mom bonds with her new-born, how she feeds baby and gets him to his feet. Now, we'll see how she copes when baby grows into a t (more…)