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Laura Whitmore In The Glamour Pit
00:55 — MTV's Laura Whitmore hangs out in the Glamour Pit.
Laura Whitmore Presents Best Look Award
01:24 — Laura Whitmore presents the award for Best Look backstage at the EMA.
Rockers Biffy Clyro Talk To Laura Whitmore On The Red Carpet
03:48 — Laura gets the skinny on rock band Biffy Clyro.
Laura Whitmore Presents Best Song With A Message
01:33 — MTV's own Laura Whitmore presents the award for Best Song With A Message.
Royal Blood Talks To Laura Whitmore At The EMAs
02:37 — Laura Whitmore interviews Royal Blood on the EMA red carpet.
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Don't Underestimate Me
01:57 — Laura M. talks about her win at the Redemption Duel.
Survivor: Samoa - Underestimating the Underdogs
01:02 — Laura warns her tribemates to stick together and keep an eye on Russell, who is surely capable of finding the next hidden immunity idol
Survivor: Samoa - Secret Scene: Kelly
01:24 — Kelly and Laura enjoy an afternoon of leisure as they lay out on the beach
Survivor: Samoa - Life at Ponderosa - Laura Part 3
01:33 — Laura, Erik and Kelly delight in a dinner show in Samoa
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Worst Thing That Could Happen
01:08 — Laura B. is upset at losing the immunity challenge and having to vote out Vytas.
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - We Should Take Turns
01:19 — Laura B. does not like selfishness in her tribe.
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Giving Birth A Second Time
01:48 — Tina talks about Laura M. and the Redemption Duel.
Laura Linney and Stephen Announce "Yesterday's Coffee Singles"
04:31 — Yesterday's Coffee official spokespeople Laura Linney and Stephen Colbert introduce a new way to wake up: Yesterday's Coffee Singles.
Survivor After Show - Shamar & Laura On Being Out Too Early (Show #4)
34:52 — Shamar updates Parvati on his eye injury, and Laura talks about being voted off due to her lack of physical strength. Plus, Shamar meets his match whe (more…)
Big Brother - Laura's Exit Interview, Part One
03:25 — Watch an exclusive interview with Laura, the second evicted houseguest from Big Brother
Survivor: Samoa - Laura's Final Words
01:58 — Laura reacts to having just been blindsided after a recent tie vote
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - I'm Back In The Game
02:25 — Laura M. fulfills the promise that she made to her daughter Ciera
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Redemption Duel: Jail Break
09:06 — Tina, Laura and Katie compete to get keys to break out of jail and stay on Redemption Island.
Survivor: Samoa - Liz's Conflict With Natalie and Laura
01:43 — Liz explains her reasons for complaining about Natalie and Laura's chit-chat while she struggled with starting a fire
Survivor: Samoa - The 39 Year-Old Grandma
01:33 — Laura reveals a shocking detail about herself that leaves most people stunned after hearing
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Laura B. The Day After
05:13 — Laura B. reflects on her time in the game the day after she exits SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS WATER
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Glad She Won The Challenge
01:47 — Laura M. is glad that Ciera gets to enjoy the steak reward and avoids Tribal Council
Big Brother - Eviction Commentary Featuring Laura
07:14 — Laura takes us through this week's big blow out with Ronnie!
Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Meet Laura and Cierra
02:51 — Meet former Survivor Samoa castaway Laura, and her daughter Cierra, who will be competing this season for one million dollars and the title of Sole Su (more…)
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