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V's Elizabeth Mitchell: "It Gets Better and Better"

Elizabeth Mitchell

Yes, V has been off the air for four months, but Elizabeth Mitchell promises that the show will come back stronger than ever. The fan favorite from Lost (R.I.P., Juliet) tells how Erica's controversial bond with Father Jack might change, what she loves about castmates Morena Baccarin and Morris Chestnut and whether her maternal instincts will turn violent as Lisa and Tyler's connection deepens...

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V's Laura Vandervoort: I Would Love for Lisa to Be Bad

Laura Vandervoort

This year's final episode of V airs Tuesday (8/7c on ABC), and on its way out, the show drops several bombs that will leave viewers scratching their heads. (Just take our word for it.) caught up with Laura Vandervoort to get the lowdown on the big episode and what's to come when the show returns after the Winter Olympics. Vandervoort teases the creation of an "untraditional family," a new Romeo & Juliet-like development, which V may turn against the Visitors and more...

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V's Morris Chestnut Introduces the Fifth Column

Morris Chestnut, V

Longtime fans of the alien-invasion drama V knew not all Visitors are bad even before ABC's revamp of the NBC hit. In the original miniseries, some of the Visitors even banded together to form a rogue anti-V group called the Fifth Column. In Tuesday's episode of the new V, Ryan (Morris Chestnut) attempts to unite the anti-V Visitors once again.

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Chestnut sat down with to discuss the Fifth Columnists, other double agents, and Ryan's upcoming efforts to save the Earth. He also revealed that despite the promos showing the return of Dale (Alan Tudyk), there may be something slightly off about him when he comes back...

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BSG, Smallville Vets Live in Sci Fi's Riverworld; Phantom Is Cast

Tahmoh Penikett, Laura Vandervoort and Ryan Carnes

Sci Fi Channel has cast the leads in a pair of two-night/four-hour movies that, if well-received, could be developed into series.

For starters, Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, now on Dollhouse) and Laura Vandervoort (Smallville's Supergirl) will front Riverworld, says the Hollywood Reporter. They will play ... read more

Pilot News: Tambor Joins Gilmore Gal's New Show, and More

Jeffrey Tambor, Kyle Bornheimer

Jeffrey Tambor will reunite with the creator of Arrested Development as a cast member of The Bridget Show, a Mitchell Hurwitz-produced comedy pilot for ABC.

The Bridget Show stars Gilmore gal Lauren Graham as a former talk-show queen attempting a comeback after a disastrous romance. Tambor will play Bridget's business manager.

In other ABC pilot news, Kyle Bornheimer's Worst Week may very well be over, now that he has ... read more

Smallville's Supergirl Returns! (But She's Feeling Not-So-Super)

Laura Vandervoort with Tom Welling, Smallville

After spending what to us seemed like an eternity trapped by Brainiac in the Phantom Zone, Clark Kent's cousin, Kara, returns this Thursday to Smallville (8 pm/ET, the CW). Laura Vandervoort shared with us a super peek at where Kara has been... and where her own career is going. (Hint: She donned a bikini to follow in Jessica Alba's barefootsteps.) Where in the universe has Kara been?
Laura Vandervoort: She's been in the Phantom Zone — and apparently Smallville had forgotten that, because no one has mentioned her since the season started. [Laughs] Is she any worse for the wear?
Vandervoort: Yeah. Time passes by faster in the Phantom Zone, but when Clark finds her she's a little bit messed up ... read more

Mega Minute: Housewives Goes to Extremes, Heroes & Smallville

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

Desperate Housewives meets Extreme Makeover

• A Heroes hitman is on the loose. Plus: the Petrelli vs. Petrelli war takes a new turn

• Status update: Where in the universe is Smallville's Kara?!

Watch the video here.

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Smallville Exclusive: Kara's Future Is Up, Up in the Air

Laura Vandervoort in Smallville by Michael Courtney/The CW

A new development tempers the good news about Allison Mack re-signing, which itself improved the mood after Michael Rosenbaum's Smallvile departure was confirmed: Laura Vandervoort's status as Kara is as up-in-the-air as, well, Supergirl in flight.As fans noticed in the CW's upfronts announcement earlier this week, "They announced the cast... and I'm not a part of it," Vandervoort tells me, letting out a self-effacing laugh. "We were all surprised when they chose not to bring me back as a regular, but I'm sure I'll be back for one or two [episodes]!"Looking at the bright side, she notes, "The show is about Clark Kent, and I was honored to be a part of it. I mean, my character became more than it was supposed to be. She ended up sticking around the entire season." Stories even surfaced a while ago suggesting that when Tom Welling hangs up his red jacket and blue tee, Kara might be spun off into her own series. In the meantime, Vandervoort has a hot summer planned — literally. Sh... read more

Smallville, Hills Hotties Head Into the Blue

Audrina Patridge by Jordan Strauss/, Laura Vandervoort by Albert L. Ortega/

This is one unexpected sequel that just might be worth renting on DVD the week after it hits theaters Laura Vandervoort aka Smallvilles Kara and The Hills Audrina Patridge will star in Into the Blue 2 a follow-up to the oh-so-pretty-to-look-at 2005 treasure hunt starring Jessica Alba the absolute flimsiest of bikinis and a bare-chested Paul WalkerThis time around Vandervoort and Chris Carmack The OC play a married couple hired to dive deep in search of buried treasure Per the Reporter Audrina plays a no-nonsense beach babe whose boyfriend caters to her every command Hmm better start studying TMZ vids of Heidi MWM read more

Smallville: Clark Kent’s Not-So-Wonderful Life

Michael Rosenbaum by Michael Courtney/The CW

On Thursdays episode of Smallville 8 pmET The CW Clark Kent Tom Welling gets a look at what life would have been like if his rocket ship never arrived on Earth Brainiac James Marsters last seen zooming away with Clarks Krypto-cousin Kara Laura Vandervoort is trying to set such a Kal-El-free scenario in motion Clark having a bit of a pity party over Lanas continued zombieness isnt so sure thats such a bad idea Since the day I arrived all Ive brought is suffering and death he says Meteor freaks phantoms Brainiac If Id never reached Earth none of them wouldve ever been hereRight on cue his own version of Its a Wonderful Life plays out thanks to his Kryptonian dad Jor-El who enables him to see what a non-Clark world would be like And lets just say its not a pretty picture Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum is president of the United States with Milton Fine aka Brainiac as his chief of staff And their plan to consolidate power won read more

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