Tue Oct 13 12:30pm
Fish HooksTwo Clams in Love; Peopleing DISXD

Clamantha develops a crush on Oscar, but he doesn't like the attention; Milo escapes from the tank to fish for pet-store customers.

I’ll Watch12 Watching
Tue Oct 13 1:00pm
Fish HooksPamela Hamster Returns; Parasite Fright DISXD

Milo pretends to be a hamster when pretty Pamela Hamster visits; Milo watches a scary movie and becomes convinced that everyone is infected with fish-brain parasites.

I’ll Watch3 Watching
Wed Oct 14 2:30am
Fish HooksSo-fish-ticated; Milo and Oscar Move In DISXD

Milo tries to become more sophisticated; Milo and Oscar move in with Bea when their water filter breaks, but they quickly wear out their welcome.

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Wed Oct 14 3:00am
Fish HooksAll Fins on Deck; Cattlefish, Ho! DISXD

A vacation cruise quickly turns into a swashbuckling adventure when geckos take over the ship; Milo acts like a cowboy when he is chosen to help drive cattle fish to a ranch.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Thu Oct 15 2:30am
Fish HooksGuys' Night Out; Milo's Magical Shake DISXD

Milo plans a guys' night out before Oscar asks Angela to be his girlfriend; Milo falls in love with a milkshake and names it Emily.

I’ll Watch8 Watching
Thu Oct 15 3:00am
Fish HooksScience Fair Detective Mystery; Fish at Work DISXD

Oscar's prize-winning science-fair project is stolen, and Bea and Milo try to find out who took it; Bea gets a promotion at work, but then learns that she must let one of the employees go.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
Thu Oct 15 12:30pm
Fish HooksRun, Oscar, Run; Mascotastrophe DISXD

Oscar is honored with an award for perfect attendance at school; Milo and Oscar become the school's mascot, but students from a rival school kidnap Oscar.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
Thu Oct 15 1:00pm
Fish HooksGood Times at PuPu Goodtimes; Oscar Makes an Impression DISXD

Bea, Milo and Oscar go on a field trip to an amusement park; Oscar is mistaken for the queen of Fish England.

I’ll Watch6 Watching
Fri Oct 16 2:30am
Fish HooksFish Lips Sink Ships; Bea's Birthday Surprise DISXD

Bea tries to play matchmaker when she learns that Mr. Baldwin has a crush on Ms. Lips; Milo tries to find a perfect birthday present for Bea.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Fri Oct 16 3:00am
Fish HooksOscar Is a Playa; Chicks Dig Vampires DISXD

Oscar is the target of a sting operation when the girls become convinced that he is cheating on Angela; Albert falls for a vampire slayer.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Fri Oct 16 12:30pm
Fish HooksFish Talent Show; Employee Discount DISXD

A school talent show is held; Milo takes care of a dress for Bea while her tank is cleaned, but things don't go quite as planned.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
Fri Oct 16 1:00pm
Fish HooksFish School Musical, Parts I & II DISXD

Bea prepares to perform in the school's play, but Jocktopus threatens to ruin everything.

I’ll Watch9 Watching
Sat Oct 17 2:30am
Fish HooksGet a Yob!; Spiders Bite DISXD

Milo causes the school's lunch lady to be fired when he puts hair in his food as a prank; spiders invade the fish tanks.

I’ll Watch3 Watching
Sat Oct 17 3:00am
Fish HooksFuddy Duddy Study Buddy; Fish Flakes DISXD

Oscar and Shellsea are paired for a science-fair project, and they disagree about everything. Meanwhile, Milo and Bea genetically modify an apple.

I’ll Watch9 Watching
Sat Oct 17 12:15pm
The Hills Have Eyes IFC

Reworking of the 1977 horror classic follows a clan of mutant psychos, deformed by radiation from nuclear testing, who terrorize vacationers in the New Mexico desert.

I’ll Watch185 Watching
Sun Oct 18 2:30am
Fish HooksPrincipal Bea(Season 2, Episode 27) DISXD

Bea takes over as school principal when Stickler goes missing.

I’ll Watch21 Watching
Sun Oct 18 3:00am
Fish HooksKoi Story; Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max DISXD

Koi feels pressure to fit in, so she leads everyone to believe that she completed a dangerous feat; the Grandma Games come to town, and Milo deduces that Randy is disguised as a grandmother.

I’ll Watch6 Watching
Mon Oct 19 2:30am
Fish HooksFish Prom(Season 2, Episode 40) DISXD

Freshwater High's prom doesn't go quite as planned; Bea spends time with an unlikely suitor.

I’ll Watch18 Watching
Mon Oct 19 3:00am
Fish HooksSee Bea Ski; Night at the Loxbury DISXD

Bea goes on a ski trip; Milo turns the Hokey Poke into a dance club.

I’ll Watch5 Watching
Mon Oct 19 12:30pm
Fish HooksBea's Commercial; Hairanoid DISXD

Bea auditions for a commercial that requires her to ride a scorpion; Oscar and Milo believe a secret hair gel can make them perfect.

I’ll Watch21 Watching
Mon Oct 19 1:00pm
Fish HooksAdventures in Fish Sitting; Banned Band DISXD

Bea, Milo and Oscar babysit an ornery cat that later escapes; Milo and the marching-band director challenge each other to a battle of the bands.

I’ll Watch6 Watching
Tue Oct 20 2:30am
Fish HooksLabor of Love(Season 3, Episode 11) DISXD

Mr. Baldwin wants to propose to Ms. Lips, but she is leaving on vacation to Flip Flop Island for the summer. To make matters worse, the kids want to tag along with her for a field trip.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Tue Oct 20 3:00am
Fish HooksMilo vs. Milo; Everything but the Chicken Sink DISXD

Milo believes that a new hamster TV show is about him; Bea is hired to give swimming lessons to a teen.

I’ll Watch12 Watching
Tue Oct 20 12:30pm
Fish HooksHalloween Haul; Milo on the Lam DISXD

The gang trick-or-treat on Halloween in the pet store to keep Jocktopus from stealing their candy; Milo is falsely accused of gluing Mr. Baldwin to his chair.

I’ll Watch4 Watching
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