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On Friday starting at 8 pm/ET, TV Land will count down the 50 greatest TV icons, from Larry Hagman to Johnny Carson, then give a special shout-out to the legend who draws the most text votes during the show. Go, Donna Pescow! (I've always loved a long shot).... Voting is now under way for the Funniest Commercials of the Year: 2007 at The winners will be featured on a Dec. 26 TBS special hosted by Weeds' Kevin Nealon.... Dancing with the Stars' Cameron Mathison and Edyta dance live on today's The View.... Rosemary's Baby author Ira Levin died Monday at the age of 78 from natural causes. His other classic thrillers include The Stepford Wives and The Boys from Brazil. — Ben Katner read more

October 31, 2006: Liz Cruz

You knew it was inevitable that Michelle would maneuver Burts death but I didnt think it would be so soon I was really digging Larry Hagman in the role but this doesnt mean he cant come back for some fabulous NipTuck dream sequences When Michelle told Francis the nurse to go home and that shed take care of giving Burt his pills I knew Michelle was lying Poor Burt had to crawl out of bed and attempt the stairs by himself just to try to take those dang pills Too late Burt died a dramatically painful death while his wife Michelle just stared at him But taking Burts kidney saved her dear Christians life Excellent timing with that text message from James to the whorestaff member with the razor blade who was having sex with Christian Abort Since James had 24 hours to give those two mysterious French-speaking Asian-American dudes one more kidney to meet their quota mission accomplished So this means Christian still doesnt know James and Michelle are the orga read more

October 17, 2006: Burt Landau

Its been a while since weve gotten an episode with a happy ending Of course the heartwarming end came after an hour sprinkled with evil so it was quite worth it Let me first say that I was surprised when Christian admitted to Kimber that he was just using her for sex The using Kimber for sex part was not what threw me it was that he was so cruel about it All this time Christians been wooing and romancing Michelle Ive been thinking that Kimber is who hes truly in love with deep down inside and that hed someday get back with her Yes he was drunk and upset with Michelle and thats what brought him to Kimbers place but still Maybe Im just too naive I felt bad for Kimber since she seemed so happy after they had sex but then she pulled a Christian on Matt and used Matt for sex Oh Kimber I dont think Matts going to be happy when he realizes Kimber used him to get back at Christian What will the Scientologists say What would Jesus do KiddingSean s read more

October 10, 2006: Faith Wolper, Ph.D.

Well Sean certainly got his wish His conscience in the form of Escobar Robert LaSardo told him to kill Monica suggesting he slit her throat or gas her Then poof A bus ran into her and killed her I screamed No f---ing way while my roommate Jason shouted Sooooo Mean Girls Its those shocker scenes I enjoy the most on this show Dylan Walsh did a fantastic job showing how frustrated Sean was getting and Jennifer Hall played the perfect psycho Monica morphed into Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction when she threatened to tell Julia about their affair and how very Hand That Rocks the Cradle-esque to have Sean walk in on her with baby Conors mouth on her nippleWho knew thered come a day that both Sean and Christian would have women obsessed with them I think I liked Dr Faith Wolper Brooke Shields better when she seemed tougher and not into Christian I was hoping she was just using him for the sex a few weeks ago but no Faiths a diagnosed sexual compulsive and read more

September 5, 2006: Cindy Plumb (Season 4 Premiere)

Can you believe its been eight and a half months since we last saw a new episode of this show Thats more than twice the amount of time we have to wait to see the average show when it goes on hiatus But as we all know NipTuck is no average show Was it worth the wait Absolutely and I of course will tell you just why First of all you knew it had to be good since Ryan Murphy came back to write and direct it Oh wait a minute I take that back Ryan wrote and directed last seasons lackluster finale the one where we found out what a shocker not that Quentin was the Carver Ugh But since the C word was never mentioned in tonights entire hour and 10 minutes the actual episode was under an hour but with all those movie promos and ads Im glad I added in time at the end via my TiVo Im going to cut or rather nip Ryan some slack here And speaking of Ryan how many of you are looking forward to seeing his new fli read more

Is it really a good idea to ...

Question: Is it really a good idea to have that many stars appearing on Nip/Tuck? I am looking forward to the new season, although I was greatly disappointed in how the Carver story line ended. I'm hoping that the show will be able to flow more smoothly, but I wonder if that will be a problem with so many celebrities. Answer: True, celebrity cameos can be a distraction and a crutch (hello, Will & Grace), but given the fantastic, over-the-top nature of Nip/Tuck, it's not exactly as if the show's realism (such as it is) is in any danger of being violated. I've only seen the premiere episode of the new season (which returns Sept. 5), and the special guest stars are all so well chosen — from Larry Hagman to Kathleen Turner (seeking a voice lift!) to Brooke Shields as Christian's shrink — that I rolled with it. That's once I recovered from the opening scenes, which may be the filthiest minutes of TV I've ever watched. Sometimes I feel I'm not old enough, or maybe too old, to watch this show ... read more

Please, please, please tell ...

Question: Please, please, please tell me that Nip/Tuck will be back on FX... and when. Answer: Look for it in the fall. The show's already making plenty of news, with Sanaa Lathan joining the cast as McNamara/Troy's new owner and Larry Hagman as her super-rich hubby. Kathleen Turner and Brooke Shields are among the guest stars announced so far. All sounds very juicy, and should more than make up for that ludicrous Carver finale. Hey, Matt fans! Join our exclusive reader panel to share your thoughts about TV Guide and your favorite shows, plus enter our Talk to TV Guide Sweepstakes for a chance to win a free trip for two to L.A. to attend the 2006 TV Guide After Party following the Emmy Awards. Sign up here. ... read more


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, who is back in theaters this weekend in Into the Blue, confirms that there are ongoing talks about her headlining a big-screen take on the TV classic I Dream of Jeannie. "I definitely have met a couple of times at Sony and we've talked about it, [but] the script is just not in the shape I would want it to be in if I was going to do it," the actress said this week at a press event. "I want to do the show; I want the charm of the show." As for who might play Major Nelson, Alba is mum but notes, "It needs to be a strong leading man who is funny and all the things you love about Larry Hagman." I believe Chris O'Donnell is free. read more

Linda Evans and John Forsythe ...

Oil that glitters: Dynasty's Forsythe and Evans

Question: Linda Evans and John Forsythe were in a nighttime soap with the name Carrington. What was the name of that show?

Answer: I'm happy to answer that, but I demand an explanation — unless you spent the better part of the '80s living in a vacuum or, at least, manning a missile silo, I simply don't see how you could forget the over-the-top Dynasty. A fixture of a time when alluring TV women were rightly defined as those over 20, the series was a classic and the definition of the overused term "guilty pleasure."

A ratings powerhouse in the mid-'80s, Dynasty ran on ABC from January 1981 to May 1989, making Forsythe, Evans (The Big Valley) and costar Joan Collins household names while doling out paychecks to what seemed like half of Hollywood and upping the profiles of actor read more

Larry Hagman's Dallas Confessions

What can we possibly say about Larry Hagman that hasn't already been said a thousand times? The 73-year-old Texas native isn't just an actor; thanks to Dallas and his wonderfully wicked portrayal of good ol' bad boy J.R. Ewing, he's an icon. Not only that, but his life and career have been documented and dissected as thoroughly as any president's. So we refuse to trot out the same tired superlatives to describe his achievements (or the same winking acknowledgments of his mischief-making and glass-raising). Instead, as we look forward to Sunday's Dallas Reunion: The Return to Southfork (9 pm/ET on CBS), we're just going to let him speak for himself. Herewith, highlights of his interview with TV Guide Online:TV Guide Online: Rumor has it you're pulling out your old home-away-from home movies for this special. Catch any hanky-panky on tape?Larry Hagman: Of course, but I'd sell that for a much higher price! (Chuckles) No, I didn't [shoot] that kin read more

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