Wed Jun 3 2:00pm
MacGyverPrisoner of ConscienceNew(Season 1, Episode 21) ESQTV

MacGyver and Thornton (Dana Elcar) infiltrate a Soviet mental hospital to rescue a friend who's being held as a political prisoner. Dimitri: Elya Baskin. Kharsov: Larry Dobkin. Marya: Sharon Maughan.

Fri Jun 5 6:00pm
Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe Mind's Eye(Season 4, Episode 24) BBC

The Romulans capture and brainwash Geordi (LeVar Burton), using him in their plan to foment rebellion at a Klingon outpost. Ambassador Kell: Larry Dobkin. Vagh: Edward Wiley. Taibek: John Fleck. Data: Brent Spiner. Picard: Patrick Stewart. Worf: Michael Do (more…)

Wed Jun 10 12:00pm
Melrose PlaceFree KimmyNew(Season 4, Episode 11) POP

Sydney and Kimberly use forms of blackmail to make demands on Peter; Jane schemes to win back Richard; Alison sees a dark side of Hayley. Ricardo: Enrique Castillo. Bobby: John Enos III. Vince: David Groh. Kimberly: Marcia Cross. Shelly: Hudson Leick. Diam (more…)