Larry Cohen



Cellular Scribe's Phone Phobia

How's this for a Hollywood believe-it-or-not? Cellular and Phone Booth scribe Larry Cohen is phonophobic. "Telephones are the scourge of modern existence," Cohen tells TV Guide Online. "They bring this voice from nowhere into your life — that can be frightening. Anybody can call you. "When I start to work on a script," he adds, "I take the phone off the hook and put it in a drawer until I'm finished working. I don't want my train of thought interrupted. Now that everybody's got a cell phone, there's no privacy or peace... [there's] people on phones in the car, in restaurants, even in public rest rooms! That's why I don't have a cell phone — I'm afraid someone might call me." The 66-year-old veteran writer and director, whose maverick movies include the killer-baby picture It's Al read more

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