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  • Lost "It's my favorite show. I haven't had my world so rocked by a TV show like when I first started watching Lost. As the sixth season was premiering, I was like, "I'll check it out," and went through the series so rapidly, like watching five episodes at a time. And that also adds to my excitement about being in Oahu and working with Daniel Dae Kim. People have issues with the way the show ended, but I don't even care because for me, the world that J.J. Abrams created, I'm still living in it. I think that show had everything that you could possibly want."
  • The Bachelor "I have to confess that every Monday night, I get together with my friend and watch The Bachelor. I think that Brad Womack is as cute as a bug's ear. I think he's one of the best Bachelors. I'm grateful for the second go-around. The show is so ridiculous, but I can kind of watch it knowing how ridiculous it is and how it kind of goes against everything that I believe about love and dating and relationships and being a woman, but I still enjoy it so much. I find it completely entertaining. "On this, the most dramatic season yet..." It's like: Really, Chris Harrison? My favorite is when they're like, "Wow, this is the nicest date anyone's ever planned for me" "Oh, you mean ABC, right" Like [Brad]'s on the internet going, "Let's see, where in Bora Bora can I take...?""
  • Jeopardy! "I've been on and off my whole life. When my mom's in town, we watch Jeopardy! together. I do not have a mind for trivia, which is why I think I like it so much because I don't store information. I'm always like, "Oh, really? No way! History, you don't say!" I get really excited if I get one answer right."
  • Friday Night Lights "I'm only up to the third season, which was amazing and, I think, got back to the core of it and why I love it so much. First of all, I think it's the best marriage on television. It's totally realistic. I like that they get mad at each other. I like that he can be so difficult and have such a hard edge, but it seems like the marriage keeps him so grounded. I just think they're so interesting and have incredible chemistry. I think all the acting on that show is great."
  • Mad Men "I'm pretty addicted to Mad Men and got to do an episode of it and it was totally surreal and totally cool. There are a lot of shows that I've worked on that I will become a fan of, but that was the first time I was such a huge fan of the show and then got to go and exist in this world for five hours. I love the acting on the show. To me, it's really the women on that show that make it. I think Elisabeth Moss is one of the best actors working. I think she's incredible."

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