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Exclusive Rush Sneak Peek: Why Is Alex Really Blowing Will Off?

Larenz Tate and Tom Ellis

On USA's Rush, one of the most important relationships in the title character's life is the one he shares with his BFF Alex (Larenz Tate). Unfortunately, it's no secret that Alex's wife is not... read more

Rescue Me's Final Season: Can Tommy Gavin Survive?

Denis Leary

As FX's firefighter drama Rescue Me begins its final season Wednesday (10/9c), it must contend with the question that has loomed over the series like a black cloud of smoke since Episode 1: Will there come a day when reckless hero Tommy Gavin won't come out of a burning building alive?

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Of course, fire isn't his only vice. Although Tommy (Denis Leary) survived the rescue effort on 9/11, his battle with alcohol and his revolving door of women have put him a number of situations that were just as life-threatening as running into the World Trade Center. So, after six years of ghosts, sex and gallons of booze, is there any chance Tommy escapes the series with a pulse?

"Obviously, you want to make sure it's a satisfying end of the journey for the viewers," co-creator and executive producer Peter Tolan tells read more

Roush Review: Rescue Me and Damages

Denis Leary

This is a bittersweet night for FX, as it prepares to bid farewell to one of its longtime signature series — the bawdy firehouse dramedy Rescue Me, whose seventh and final season will wrap this fall to coincide with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 — and in an ironic twist, it's going head to head against a new season of Damages, the riveting legal thriller the network dropped after three low-rated seasons, but which was rescued from oblivion by DirecTV. (Unlike the Friday Night Lights situation, in which NBC aired the show after the DirecTV run, Damages will air exclusively on DirecTV. So if you're not a subscriber, it won't be that tough a choice.)

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Cheers & Jeers: Larenz Tate Gets Justified

Larenz Tate

Cheers to Justified for turning Larenz Tate back into a Menace II Society.

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The charismatic actor first broke out as teenage gangsta O-Dog in the Hughes Brothers' 1993 inner-city saga. Since then, he's mostly played nice guys in movies like Love Jones and on TV series like FX's Rescue Me. The cable net's top-notch crime drama let Tate cross over to the wrong side of the law as a violent convict who flees a halfway house — and who happens to be the ex-brother-in-law of Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks (Erica Tazel). She teams with Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) to track him down.... read more

Rescue Me Star: Colleen's a "Whore in the Home"

Rescue Me, Larenz Tate

"It's not easy dealing with a Gavin!" Rescue Me star Larenz Tate tells Truer words were never spoken. Tate's alter ego, Black Shawn, still has a wild relationship with Colleen Gavin (Natalie Distler). And last week he endured a decidedly un-P.C. hose-down from her father, Tommy (Denis Leary). It's just going to get more dramatic this week when Shawn attends a Gavin family dinner at the request of Colleen's sister. Tate offers a preview of what's to come.

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Joshua Jackson Goes Grey's, and More Casting News

Joshua Jackson by Jeff Vespa/

Joshua Jackson, aka Dawson's Creek's Pacey (aka one of the last guys to mack on a pre-TC Katie Holmes), is scrubbing in for a "several-episode" Grey's Anatomy stint as a doctor, starting with this season's Episode 11.... Also per Variety, Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) is the wife of Joseph Fiennes' sex-change-bound family man in the FX pilot Pretty Handsome (né 4 oz.).... Logan Marshall-Green (Traveler) and Larenz Tate (Love Monkey) have landed roles on the NBC cop-drama pilot Blue Blood.... Megan Dodds (Urbania) and Christina Vidal (I Think I Love My Wife) are lawyers in an untitled legal thriller for NBC. read more

I have recently started ...

Question: I have recently started watching Love Monkey reruns on VH1 and have completely fallen in love with the show. (Tom Cavanagh rules!) I only wish I and about a million other people had started watching the show earlier so that we could all look forward to many seasons to come. My question: Oftentimes, such as with Love Monkey or My So-Called Life, other channels will pick up episodes and rerun them for the "cult" fans. Why can't these same channels actually produce new episodes for the show, knowing they already have a large fan base? Is it that difficult to obtain rights to a show that another network has already canceled? Answer: From what I've read of VH1's numbers for Love Monkey so far, I wouldn't overestimate how "large" that fan base is, though it certainly deserves one. The basic issue here is that cable networks like VH1 simply don't have the budget to produce costly new episodes of a sophisticated scripted drama (with A-list actors like Cavanagh, Judy Greer, Larenz Tate ... read more


John Lithgow will star in the NBC comedy pilot Twenty Good Years, about two fiftysomething men who decide to make the most of the next two decades.... Jay Mohr is set to perform Community Service in an NBC comedy about an arrogant New Yorker who gets "stuck" in his quaint Ohio hometown.... Justine Bateman has been cast (and perhaps might even wear underwear) as the sister of Patricia Heaton's recent widow in an as-yet-untitled ABC comedy.... Larenz Tate has joined the Joe Pantoliano-fronted CBS drama Waterfront. read more

One-on-One with Love Monkey's Shooter

Larenz Tate, Love Monkey

In CBS' recently premiered Love Monkey (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET), Ed alum Tom Cavanagh is flanked by a trio of buds, including Jason Priestley's dad-to-be, Mike, and Christopher Wiehl's onetime baseball stud, Jake. Rounding out the close-knit quartet is Shooter, played by Larenz Tate, with whom went one-on-one in this Q&A. Some have likened Love Monkey to Sex and the City, but with guys and music. In that scheme of things, who is Shooter — Samantha?Larenz Tate: Yeah, that's what everyone is saying. Our show clearly stands on its own, but if I had to compare, he'd be the read more

Who's That Monkeying Around with Ed's Ed?

Ivana Milicevic, Love Monkey

On Tuesday at 10pm/ET, Ed's Tom Cavanagh returns to television as the star of CBS' Love Monkey, a dramedy about Tom Farrell, a record exec whose professional life — and in turn, love life — is turned upside down when his idealism is deemed idiotic by his boss. Serving as buds to Tom are 90210's Jason Priestley, Crash's Larenz Tate, Christopher Wiehl and Judy Greer, while Ivana Milicevic plays the music-biz babe who just might cure what ails him. talked to the familiar-looking femme about Monkeying around, all the "love" in her life, and her surprising Hollywood crush. How on earth am I going to work the name Love Monkey into this Q&A's title?
Ivana Milicevic:
Hmmm, let's t read more

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