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Las Vegas Bets on Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

Here is one secret that Sin City can’t keep: Lara Flynn Boyle is back. The woman who survived rampant rumors of anorexia, a public firing from ABC’s The Practice and an eyebrow-raising romance with Hollywood heavy Jack Nicholson will heat up the Strip this fall as a new costar on NBC’s Las Vegas. Boyle will play Monica Mancuso, a billionaire widow who takes over the newly renovated Montecito (the old casino blew up in the Season 2 finale). "She’s the mystery buyer from last season," reveals Las Vegas creator Gary Scott Thompson. Adds Boyle, "She is a woman with a wad of cash. Only Monica bought a casino [with it] instead of a lot of sho read more

Why Big Stars Are Flocking to TV

Pity the struggling young actor. The competition this year for a big break on network TV is stiffer than ever, as pilots angling for spots in the fall lineup have enough familiar faces to pack an I Love the '90s (or even the '80s) marathon on VH1.

Lara Flynn Boyle, Kristin Davis, David Boreanaz, Brooke Shields, Peri Gilpin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Fred Savage, Don Johnson, Benjamin Bratt and Dylan McDermott are among the dozens of prime-time favorites cast in prospective shows that network execs hope will turn into the next Desperate Housewives or Lost.

And they're being joined by other stars better known for their work outside of TV — including Chris O'Donnell, Dennis Hopper, Ellen Burstyn, Tom Berenger and Aidan Quinn.

Networks desperate for a rat read more

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