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Arrested Development Blame vacation...

Zach Braff, Scrubs

Arrested Development Blame vacation hangover, but I'm betting I missed about half of the references to AD's imminent cancellation or (please!) move to another network, and the not-desperate ratings stunts they cribbed from other shows. Of course, I don't even have to say this, but please write in with what I've left out. There was the promise before the credits that someone would die and that the show would be live, the 3-D tomato toss and the flashing So as not to break the third wall, that thinly veiled plot about raising money for a new attorney opened the door for the Bluths to beg for their survival, and to discuss whether they'd received help from the Home Builders' Organization (HBO, for those of you not yet over those hangovers) or if they'd have to read more

Think of all the gasp! ...

Question: Think of all the gasp! moments there have been these past couple of weeks: Luke has a daughter on Gilmore Girls; Meg is pregnant on Veronica Mars; Shannon dies on Lost; Lara Flynn Boyle flies away on Las Vegas; and the boys don't get out on Prison Break! Should we expect any more excitement before Christmas from any of our fave shows?

Answer: Bright and Hannah are going to get naked together on Everwood tomorrow night; that's pretty major. And as if you needed another reminder, the Carver will be unmasked during the final moments of Nip/Tuck's third season finale on Dec. 20, which will be composed of two back-to-back episodes from 10 pm to midnight. And don't bother trying to guess who the Masked One is.'s Angel Cohn spoke to Bruno Campos on Monday and he flat-out said the Carver's identity is "not guessabl read more

Could you have overhyped Lara ...

Question: Could you have overhyped Lara Flynn Boyle's death scene on Las Vegas any more? That in no way compared to Rosalind Shays' shafting on L.A. Law.

Answer: Technically speaking, it was exec producer Gary Scott Thompson who did the hyping. I merely provided him the forum to do it in. That said, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I, too, was a little let down by Monica's big blow-off. It sounded much better on paper than it looked on-screen. And the cheesy 1970s Superman special effects didn't really help matters. That said, on a purely camp level, it was pretty damn funny watching an actress who has spent much of her career deflecting anorexia rumors get swept off her feet by a gust of wind.

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When Las Vegas' producers threatened to blow away a major character on last night's episode, you probably didn't think they meant it literally. But a stiff breeze did indeed send Lara Flynn Boyle's Monica Mancuso floating off the roof of the Montecito, despite the fact that the gusty — er, gutsy — move is sure to set off a new round of weight-related jokes at the slender actress' expense. "Lara was a great sport," says executive producer Gary Scott Thompson. "When we shot her flying off, we were all in hysterics — including her. She said to me, 'You are one sick, crazy bastard.'" (How right she is: Wait till you see where Monica lands next week.) Why did Vegas send Monica off to that big casino in the sky? Look for that answer in tomorrow's fresh Ask Ausiello. (Sorry.) read more

Poor Ed. He has to take pills...

Poor Ed. He has to take pills for his hypertension and find a way to stay destressed even though he runs one of Vegas' megacasinos that's always the target of nefarious types looking to act out some nefarious schemes. On top of that, some stupid fool has stolen the big guy's identity. Wait, there's more. Unbeknownst (I love that word. It's so Speed Racer.) to him, Mike gets Ed's precious Aston Martin stolen and chopped up. Stay destressed? I don't think so. At least this all leads to some pretty funny Ed and Danny scenes. James Caan and Josh Duhamel really have this father-son-type chemistry down pat. And is there anything better than finding out something about Sam's mysterious past? Don't answer that. But come on, admit it: Her brother shows up (half brother, I get it Sam) and the girl vibrates all kinds of nervousness over her coworkers finding stuff out about her. That's enjoyable! Learning that as a kid she had a lisp and she could Electric Boogaloo wit read more

You know how last week NBC forced...

You know how last week NBC forced a Crossing Jordan-Las Vegas crossover episode on us? Too. Early. This week the show redeemed itself in my eyes. The Wedding Singer old lady made me laugh and scared me at the same time (it's those eyes). And that's after Monica had Danny shake what his mama gave him to get said old lady to vacate her house that was uglying up the Montecito grounds. Turns out she shot a mean old mobster 60 years earlier and buried him underneath her house. Trust me, this was funny. Remember when I said Lara Flynn Boyle's character was obnoxious? Well, I still think so. But now I think she's good obnoxious. Monica got hers at the end, though, when Mike and Danny found her stuck in her hotel-room shower (that she designed!). Loved the two pals doing the whole Rock, Scissors, Paper bit to see who would save her nekkid self. Survivor alum Colby Donaldson popped in; he played one of Sam's whales that she had a ser read more

If you love topless women with...

If you love topless women with ample assets, Ed, Mike and Danny solving a couple capers and yes, more guest stars than you can shake a stick at, then you've come to the right casino. Counterfeit chips keep Ed and Mike busy. No less than Richard Lewis, Paul Anka and Dennis Rodman ante up for a pseudo celebrity-poker showdown with Danny. At this point, I really was hoping Phil Gordon and Dave Foley would make a surprise appearance. Instead we get to hear Rodman ask when the Pussycat Dolls go on. Las Vegas, you slay me. At least you have the good sense to bring Mitch back into the security fold. Welcome back, Mitch Longley! One of my favorite over-the-top moments (out of so many) is when Ed is interrogating some Barbie doll who seems to be bestest buds with the word "like." She like, talks like this but can't really like, tell her story in a way like, anyone would understand. OK? Like, totally! As for Lara Flynn Boyle, her read more

Don't get me wrong; I'm beyond...

Don't get me wrong; I'm beyond happy that the men and women of the Montecito are back, but it's a little bittersweet. While skinny-mini Lara Flynn Boyle is in as the new casino owner, Marsha Thomason is out. I really liked Nessa, despite the fact the show never quite knew what to do with her. Nessa's disappearance into the British version of the witness-protection program isn't the only thing causing some serious frown lines for poor Ed. His entire crew is scattered all over the place: Danny hasn't been hanging around since his dad died; Delinda has been ignoring her pop; Mike's been working as a valet again; Mary's supposedly enjoying life with her cute lawyer boyfriend; and Sam's nowhere to be found. So that leaves Big Ed to handle Boyle's Monica Mancuso by his lonesome. Per Mancuso's orders, Ed has to get Danny to come back to work, leaving his No. 1 guy to reenlist Mike and Sam. Mary and Delinda remain on the outside — for the time being anyway.

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Duhamel Calls "New" Vegas a Sure Thing

Josh Duhamel

Just as a hung-over couple wonders what the fallout will be from their drunken vow-exchange at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the cast and crew of NBC's Las Vegas have to wonder what sort of impact several cast additions and subtractions, as well as glitzy new set-piece attractions, will have on the series' future. On board for Season 3 (premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET): The Practice's Lara Flynn Boyle as Monica Mancuso, the newly renovated Montecito's savvy, sexy new owner; Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That) as Penny Posin, a potential new love interest for Josh Duhamel's Danny McCoy; and a massive (40,000 square-foot) new casino set as, well, a massive casino. Now missing from the action: original cast member read more

Did Diane Farr sign on to ...

Question: Did Diane Farr sign on to Numbers before or after she shot the season finale of Rescue Me? Is her character written off at the end of this season, or will her disappearance be explained at the beginning of next season? David E. Kelley is notorious for writing out characters between seasons with no explantion (Lara Flynn Boyle, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Taye Diggs, to name a few). Now that ABC held onto the last five episodes of Boston Legal and they will run into Season 2, will he explain the absence of Tara and Lori? Answer: Without wanting to get too deep into the why and how so as not to have any surprises ruined for me or you, it's fair to say that Diane Farr knew she was taking a new gig before production wrapped on Rescue Me this season, so her character's fate will be resolved on or by the Sept. 13 finale. With Boston Legal, there was some retooling of the episodes left over from last season to incorporate some of the show's new characters as well as to lay the groundwork for ... read more

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