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Ep 16: Bitch Ghost
When Stassi runs into her old SUR crew at Lala's house party, Scheana must finally answer for her part in Stassi's sex tape scandal. A humiliated Jax (more…)
What Happened In Hawaii!?
Season 13 Episode 22 Show Highlight: Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval answer Andy Cohen s juicy questions about the #PumpRules Hawaii trip, including inq (more…)
Jax on Lying to Brittany
Season 13 Episode 12 Show Highlight: Jax Taylor talks about lying to his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright about Lala Kent on the latest #PumpRules episo (more…)
Jax Reacts to Lala’s Insinuation
Season 13 Episode 12 Show Highlight: After Andy Cohen shows Jax Taylor what his #PumpRules co-star Lala Kent insinuated about him when she was in the (more…)
After Show: Did Lala Apologize to Brittany?
Season 4 Episode 12 Exclusive: Brittany opens up about clashing with Lala in Hawaii and the status of their relationship.
Jax Gets Caught in a Love Triangle
Season 4 Episode 12 Preview: Jax Taylor denies flirting with Lala when Brittany confronts him about it.
Lala and Faith Go Topless...Again
Season 4 Episode 12 Show Highlight: During a group outing in Hawaii, Lala and Faith take their tops off in front of the everyone.
Lisa on James & Lala’s WWHL Appearance
Season 13 Episode 8 Show Highlight: Lisa Vanderpump tells Andy Cohen that James Kennedy and Lala Kent s recent WWHL appearance was horrible and says w (more…)
Brittany Confronts Jax About Lala
Season 4 Episode 11 Show Highlight: Has Jay Taylor been flirting with Lala? Brittany is going to get to the bottom of this...
Should James & Lala Return to the Clubhouse?
Season 13 Episode 7 Show Highlight: Andy Cohen asks Kristen Doute and Scheana Shay what they thought of their #PumpRules co-stars Lala Kent and James (more…)
Lala and Faith Go Topless in Lisa's Pool
Season 4 Episode 11 Show Highlight: James Kennedy, Lala and Faith visit Max while he's bedridden, but things take a naughty turn...
Lisa's Vlog: I Love Lala's Spirit
Season 4 Episode 11 Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump admires Lala's free spirit.
James Kennedy and Lala Kent Show Off Their Freestyle Skills
Season 4 Exclusive: Watch the Vanderpump Rules musical duo spit hot fire.
After Show: Will James & Lala Last?
Season 13 Episode 2: Part I: A WWHL caller asks #PumpRules Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney if they think James Kennedy and Lala Kent s relationship wi (more…)
After Show: James Is Ready to Call Jax out
Season 4 Episode 9 Exclusive: James Kennedy opens up about seeing Jax hit on Lala at the comedy show.
Lala and Jax Get Flirty
Season 4 Episode 10 Preview: Jax Taylor and Lala get handsy over drinks with Scheana and Kristen.
Lala Explains What She Sees in James
Season 12 Episode 203 Show Highlight: Lala Kent from #PumpRules tells Andy Cohen what she sees in James Kennedy, saying that she sees his soul.
Lisa's Vlog: Lala Has a Nice Voice
Season 4 Episode 6 Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump thinks the Lala and James partnership might be good.
Lala Lashes out at James
Season 4 Episode 6 Preview: Lala is turned off when she finds out that James Kennedy has been getting roughed up by other ladies.
After Show: What are Lala’s Career Goals?
Season 12 Episode 203: A WWHL caller says he could see #PumpRules castmember Lala Kent as an attorney but Andy Cohen disagrees and Lala says what care (more…)
Who's That Man Getting A Tan?
Season 12 Episode 203 Show Highlight: A blindfolded James Kennedy stands in the Clubhouse spray tan booth and his #PumpRules castmate Lala Kent gives (more…)
Lisa's Vlog: James and Lala Are Cute Together
Season 4 Episode 5 Exclusive: Lisa Vanderpump shares her thoughts on SUR's new couple.
What Did Andy Think of James and Lala on WWHL?
Season 12 Exclusive: The Vanderpump Rules stars' potty mouths didn't go unnoticed.
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