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SXSW All the Way
01:32 — South by Southwest is in full swing and the roomies are busy gathering footage for their documentary. First up is the band Halifax, whom everyone seem (more…)
Lacey Stone's Weight Loss Challenge
02:31 — Ali and Juliana have agreed to let fitness expert Lacey Stone challenge them to transform their bodies over the next 8 weeks! wei
Weight Loss Tips from Celebrity Trainer of ‘Revenge Body’
04:10 — Fitness expert Lacey Stone from ‘Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian’ joins The Doctors to discuss her weight loss philosophy and to take on a whole ne (more…)
Police Identify Killer of Righteous Brothers Singer Bill Medley's Ex-Wife
02:27 — The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has identified the man they say killed the former wife of Righteous Brothers singer Bill Medley. In a pres (more…)
2-Year-Old Girl Takes Care Of 3-Day-Old Baby Cow When Calf's Mother Dies
01:09 — Lacey Gray called her uncle to ask if she could borrow his baby cow for a photoshoot. Her uncle said it would not be a good idea because, with the bab (more…)
Affirmative Action
Cagney and Lacey have very mixed emotions when another female detective is assigned to the 14th precinct.
Open and Shut Case
Cagney and Lacey's faith in the legal system is tested when a solid homicide case crumbles and a friend and former rape victim is forced to relive her (more…)
Organized Crime
When Cagney and Lacey investigate the brutal murder of a nun, they discover a frightening ally in the woman's 'Godfather.'
Exit Stage Center
When a famous actress is killed under mysterious circumstances, Cagney and Lacey discover more drama offstage than on.
Turn, Turn, Turn, Pt. 2
While Mary Beth Lacey rides high on a wave of awards and promotions, Christine Cagney slips into the abyss of alcoholism.
18:47 — An investigation of a missing housewife places Cagney and Lacey in ringside seats at a male strip joint.
Two Grand
Cagney and Lacey trail a master jewel thief with an unusual sense of humor.
LaJune Henderson / Lacey Jordan
Bridezilla LaJune Henderson bullies her bridesmaids and faces off with her former best friend, who may or may not be trying to interfere with the wedd (more…)
Grief Is a Five-Letter Word
Danny and his mother host a dinner for Jo and her parents but her dad takes advantage of this to search for evidence that will link Danny to the murde (more…)
Basket Case
The heat is on at H & H in the race to see who will win the new girl's heart. On one side, there's Jesse, the self-proclaimed "male slut" of the shop. (more…)
New Beginnings
Some people are so grateful for the opportunity to start over or get a second chance that they want to memoralize their gratitude with a tattoo.  A yo (more…)
Behind the Golden Door
18:46 — Cagney and Lacey uncover a deadly smuggling ring when searching for a missing child.
Sorry Right Number
While suffering through an autumn heat wave, Cagney and Lacey accidentally discover that an accent is the link between a string of Park Avenue burglar (more…)
08:02 — Cagney and Lacey's investigation of a sleazy loan shark brings charges of corruption and favoritism in surprising places.
We Need to Talk About Danny
Jo and Lacey figure out a way to tell Danny about his father living at the apartment where Regina’s envelope full of cash came from, while after Rico’ (more…)
To Sir With Love
06:42 — The 14th Precinct becomes a three-ring circus as Cagney plans the annual division dinner honoring Lt. Samuels and Lacey prepares for Alice Christine's (more…)
Burglary in an exclusive townhouse leads Cagney and Lacey into a frustrating game with a handful of 'yuppies', former employees of a prominent investm (more…)
The Enforcer
Academy Award-winner Clint Eastwood ("Unforgiven," "Million Dollar Baby") furthers the adventures of "Dirty Harry" Callahan, the San Francisco police (more…)
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