The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 2

It's Week 2 of The Bachelorette and for the first time, we see a local news report about the filming of the show. Apparently this is a big deal for Charlotte, N.C.

Emily gets together with some girlfriends to tell them about her first night. Must be nice to be allowed to chat with friends, rather than have the usual solitary confinement our Bachelors and Bachelorettes experience. At the house, Chris announces the first one-on-one date, which goes to Ryan. But rather than the glamorous or adventurous dates viewers are used to, Emily takes Ryan home to bake cookies for her daughter's soccer team. Ryan seems right at home with the apron on and the two seem to be effortless together. Once the cookies are done, they're off to the soccer field where Ryan waits in the car as Emily brings the kids the goodies. Ryan seems in awe of watching Em in her element.

But the date isn't all comfy clothes and baking cookies. At night, the pair gets dolled up. (Love Ryan's silvery suit!) The Charlotte fandom is even waiting outside the restaurant for their arrival. Once inside, Emily doesn't waste much time before asking Ryan about his exes. He's had two serious relationships, he says. They then delve deep into how to pursue someone and how Emily's new man will eventually fit into Ricki's life. Ryan lays it on by telling Emily how attractive she was making cookies and that he likes her already. Clearly, he gets the rose. Dinner is capped off with dancing to a live performance from Emily's favorite band, Gloriana. But no kisses just yet!

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In 2002 John Doe opened with ...

Question: In 2002 John Doe opened with a naked man curled on his side in a clearing. It moved to a close-up of his eye as it opened and looked around. In 2003 Stargate SG-1 opened its seventh season with a naked man curled on his side in a clearing. It moved to a close-up of his eye as it opened and looked around. Now in 2006 we have Kyle XY which opened with a naked man.... I know TV repeats itself, but this is a bit much. Were the same writers on all three shows? Or did everybody just like this scene so much we have to see it again and again? Answer: Not being familiar with the Stargate setup, I would just say the similarities between the John Doe and Kyle XY premises go beyond the naked-hunk-in-the-woods image, though it is a striking one. Even a classic one. Which is why it's fair game to try it again, because the fact is that this image works. Kyle seems to be getting some mileage out of it. Producers often express surprise when confronted with a scene or a shot that copies ... read more

I was bored to tears this ...

Question: I was bored to tears this evening trying to find something on the good old satellite when I happened to notice a show called Kyle XY on ABC. The info button said it was the series pilot, so I gave it a go and was actually quite surprised. I had never seen or heard anything about it and really liked the sci-fi mystery. The acting may not have been on a level of, let's say, Lost, but all in all it was worth my hour. The writing seemed fairly good, and the scene with Kyle and the son in the bathroom was actually quite priceless. Have you seen this at all, and if so, am I way off base? If I'm not, maybe you can pass along the tip to the person who was concerned that there was absolutely nothing to watch on the Big Four over the summer. Answer: Yeah, Kyle XY kind of slipped in under my radar as well. But it's there now. To clarify matters, this was actually produced for basic cable, and original episodes first air on ABC Family on Monday nights. But these same episodes are ... read more

America's Next Top Model This...

L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson, Lost

America's Next Top Model This show is not ever subtle with its editing, so you know that whoever gets the most airtime will at least end up in the bottom two. Exhibit A: Gina. But there's often someone else who gets the next-most time, and at the last second — wham! — that's who's really out. Happened last week with Wendy, and this week with Kari. I suppose Kari falls under the category of being too conventionally pretty (though sometimes she looks like a Barbie doll when you horizontally squish its face), just like Kyle did last season, and this season they're really shooting for what Nigel calls "so wrong it's right." Uh-huh. Then again, he had to mop up pools of drool after seeing Leslie's and Dan read more


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