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Exclusive: Paul Adelstein to Direct an Episode of Private Practice

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein is heading behind the camera to direct his second episode of Private Practice, has learned exclusively.

Adelstein, who plays Dr. Cooper Freedman on the ABC medical drama, will helm Episode 17, slated to air... read more

Exclusive: Which Private Practice Doc Has a Murderous Mom?

Tim Daly

Looks like Private Practice's Pete (Tim Daly) has mommy issues.

Turns out his mother (Oscar-winning actress Louise Fletcher), who will first appear in Episode 9, has been in... read more

Cheers & Jeers: The Closer's License to Kyle

Kyle Secor

Cheers to The Closer for letting Kyle Secor cross over to the wrong side of the law.

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The seemingly ageless actor spent six seasons interrogating suspects in "the box" on NBC's Homicide: Life on the Street. But this time he took the heat on TNT's hit crime drama as an airline pilot grilled by Kyra Sedgwick's Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson about his involvement with drugs, murder and flight attendants—not necessarily in that order... read more

I have found a silver lining ...

Question: I have found a silver lining in all of this strike business. Getting desperate for some quality entertainment during this "dry spell", I started TiVo'ing old episodes of one of my favorite shows, Homicide: Life on the Streets. For me, this was one of the first breakout-quality series in this genre. I have been thoroughly enjoying reliving some fabulous episodes, particularly the Luther Mahoney storyline. It is especially satisfying since I get a new episode of the syndicated series every day. This brings me to my question: Why have Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor not been able to find new roles that show off their talent the way Pembleton and Bayliss did? Watching these old episodes has reminded me how much I enjoy these two actors. I even gave Women's Murder Club a few extra viewings after Secor showed up in the pilot, but I didn't see him again after that. I guess if the strike landscape doesn't improve soon, I'll be looking to revive some other long-gone favorites and ... read more

Casting News: Commander in Chief Duo Joins ABC's Club

Ever Carradine by Jeff Petry/ABC; Kyle Secor by John Sciulli/

Ever Carradine and Kyle Secor have joined the cast of the new fall drama Women's Murder Club, playing Rob Estes' fiancée and a charming lawyer, respectively.... Also per the Reporter, CSI: NY's A.J. Buckley (aka lab tech Adam) has been bumped up to series-regular status.... Benny Ciaramello (Filthy Gorgeous) is joining Friday Night Lights in a recurring role, as Lyla's love interest.... Sally Pressman (Army Wives) stars as a married woman hiding an addiction to s-e-x in the Lifetime flick Love Sick. JAG's David James Elliott plays one of her regular booty calls. read more

White House Mess
Can Geena’s administration be saved?

With all the behind-the-scenes turmoil during Commander in Chief’s freshman (and potentially only) season (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET on ABC), you’d think Roseanne had been named president. For a show to fall from Golden Globe-winning hit to on-the-bubble underdog in a single year is pretty remarkable. But that’s what's happened. When Commander launched last fall, it was a glossy, entertaining melodrama about the turbulent adjustment to White House life for Mackenzie Allen (Geena Davis) — a glamorously and defiantly Independent vice president — and her young, telegenic family. The mix of domestic and political drama was just different enough read more

Chief's Daughter Isn't Such a Brat

Caitlin Wachs, Commander in Chief

You may wonder, as I do, just what Rebecca Calloway's problem is on ABC's Commander in Chief (returning tonight at 9 pm/ET). I mean, wouldn't it be the bee's knees to be the president's daughter? Even though she left us hanging for a full day, was more than happy to talk — prehiatus, mind you — with the first daughter, aka Caitlin Wachs (pronounced "wax"), about life in the White House, a pregnancy shocker to come and that older costar she's been calling "sexy." So, you blew off the hotshot TV Guide reporter....Caitlin Wachs: Oh, no! [Laughs] Maybe I'll win you back. Out late partying, I read more

I have a suggestion to save ...

Question: I have a suggestion to save Commander in Chief: Kill the president's husband (or at least divorce them). The plotline that has erased my interest for Chief is the idea of watching Mackenzie's husband as a "supporting" chief of staff. The entire concept is boring and offensive to the original concept: a woman capable of being the president of the United States. I am sorry, but I signed up for a show that leaves the man in the house while his wife is running the country, not this annoying double team formed by a married couple. So by killing the husband, you'll add a huge dramatic twist, plus the chance to get back on track. What do you think about my suggestion? Is there another way to creatively save Commander in Chief? Hopefully ABC will give the show a chance. However, I think if ABC wants to save a show, they should go with Invasion, since that one is completely flawless. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Answer: Is anyone listening? Fan as I have been of Kyle read more

Chief's Daughter Isn't Such a Brat

Caitlin Wachs, Commander in Chief

If you're like me, you may wonder just what is Rebecca Calloway's problem on ABC's Commander in Chief (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET). I mean, wouldn't it be the bee's knees to be the president's daughter? (Or did my usage of "the bee's knees" prove how out of touch I am with today's teens?) Even though she left us hanging for a full day, was more than happy to talk with the first daughter, aka Caitlin Wachs (pronounced "wax"), about life in the White House, a pregnancy shocker to come, and that older costar she's going around calling "sexy." So, you blew off the hot-shot TV Guide reporter....
Caitlin Wachs:
Oh, no! [Laughs] Maybe I'll win you back.

read more

In reference to your comments ...

Question: In reference to your comments regarding Grey's Anatomy's diversity and that a real breakthrough will be made when a lead in an ensemble is allowed to be a minority — sadly, I think it happened already but nobody noticed! When I think of Homicide: Life on the Street, I think of Andre Braugher and Kyle Secor, but especially Andre. When he left the show, it swiftly went downhill. I was excited when he got his own show — seemed like a breakthrough really had been made, but the network pushed his show around from night to night and from time to time before finally canceling it. I was not impressed enough by Hack to watch him play second fiddle. I hope that his upcoming show will, again, prove his talent and ability to carry a series as a minority and as a top-rate actor. Answer: I'm with you. Andre Braugher is a huge talent, and maybe a network like FX (where his new drama Thief will premiere early next year) will finally give him a proper showcase. The medical drama he starred in ... read more

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