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Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring and More Return for Veronica Mars Webseries

Kristen Bell

Break out the marshmallows, because the Veronica Mars gang is getting back together again! Well, sort of.

Earlier this year, the CW closed a deal for a Veronica Mars digital spin-off revolving around Ryan Hansen's fan favorite character Dick Casablancas... read more

Criminal Minds Scares up Robert Englund for a Guest Spot

Robert Englund

Freddy Krueger is coming to Criminal Minds.

Robert Enguld, who has long portrayed the razor-handed villain in A Nightmare on Elm Street, will guest-star in an upcoming episode of the CBS procedural, Entertainment Weekly reports.

The 64-year-old actor... read more

Exclusive: Veronica Mars and Californication Stars to Appear on Criminal Minds

Kyle Gallner and Madeleine Martin

Veronica Mars alum Kyle Gallner and Californication's Madeleine Martin will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds to be directed by star Matthew Gray Gubler, has learned exclusively.

Check out photos from Criminal Minds

Gallner and Martin will play ...
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Smallville Toys Around with the Justice League

Smallville action figures courtesy DC Direct

After a sneak peak at Comic-Con, DC Direct has unveiled the official prototypes for their latest wave of Smallville action figures.The line includes the future Superman and his four Justice League buddies, as they appeared in January's "Justice" episode: (pictured, left to right) Bart Allen/Impulse (Kyle Gallner), Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), Clark Kent (Tom Welling), Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Alan Ritchson) and Victor Stone/Cyborg (Lee Thompson Young).The action figures are slated to go on sale May 7, 2008. read more

Coming Attractions: Alyssa Milano Gets "Mobbed"

Alyssa Milano by John Sciulli/

Alyssa Milano has landed the lead in the Lifetime movie Wisegal, based on the true story of a widow who gets sucked into her boyfriend's life of crime. Oh, and lives to regret it. Sorry, I thought that part went without saying. Lifetime has also OK'd the production of a pilot for Long Island Confidential, a drama about a homicide detective who returns to her old stomping grounds only to find the ghosts of her past still alive and well. Sounds like a job for the soon-to-be-unemployed Julianna Margulies to me. (Her fall drama, Canterbury's Law, is that bad.) And on the big screen, Virginia Madsen is being joined in the spooky A Haunting in Connecticut by three new costars: Martin Donovan, late of Weeds, will play her husband; Veronica Mars alum Kyle Gallner, their son; and Elias Koteas, their friendly neighborhood exorcist. read more

Do you have any scoop at all ...

Question: Do you have any scoop at all about SVU?

Answer: Actually, I've got two scoops, both of the casting variety. Onetime WB witch Melissa Joan Hart has booked a November-sweeps guest spot as a teacher accused of raping one of her students. Who's the lucky pupil, you ask? None other than Beaver Casablancas himself, Kyle Gallner.

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June 18, 2007: Slashes 'N Cuts

Welcome back to Red Herring Central, aka a new season of TNT's The Closer!For any newcomers to the superb series, we are glad to have you here to break down the week's episode, twists and turns and double-backs included. You’ve chosen a real crackerjack of a show to test-drive, and you shall be rewarded for your expenditure of brain power every Monday night. For the regulars from Season 2... here, have a pastry.Let's start with a show of hands: Who thought the Wallaces' son did it? Yep, my hand is up. I know, I know, it's rare that the prime suspect proves to the be culprit in Brenda Leigh-land, but I thought for sure this was going to be a "he did it/no, he didn't/oops, yes he did" reveal. That is, until they unveiled the secret second family. You know, early on I was pondering, "The dad spends a lot of time with this unseen shrink, maybe they are one and the same?" I see now I should have stuck with that. That whole cell-phone-behind-the-wet-bar clue threw me, too. I thought,... read more

January 18, 2007: Justice

Clark teamed up with some friends for some justice; Lex showed off his dark side in a big and bad way; Chloe was in the middle of all the action; we actually saw Martha and Lionel (although not together); arrows were flying around; characters were zipping around faster than a speeding bullet; a building blew up; and Lana was thankfully in Paris buying a wedding dress. All in all, it was a really good hour of television.I remember thinking during last season and early in this season that Clark needed friends. Of course, he has his best pal Chloe — there's no way he could do any of this without her. But since Pete flew the coop, the superboy has been seriously lacking in amigos of the male persuasion. That's why I'm such a big fan of any Smallville where a character arrives on the scene that comes complete with special abilities; because that automatically makes that person someone Clark can relate to. I've really liked the fact that Oliver Queen has been around. At times, his re... read more

Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!

As a narrator, Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars has been a bit quiet lately. But why?

With only three more new episodes left of UPN's Veronica Mars (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) this season, every viewer wants to know: Who was behind the bus crash? While Mars creator Rob Thomas may not reveal that big twist in his latest exclusive Q&A, he does answer plenty of other burning questions submitted by readers about the possibility of a Veronica-Weevil romance, her long-term future, how fans have influenced the show and much more. Question: How shocked are we going to be when we find out who was behind the bus crash? — DerekRob Thomas: I wish I knew. I like a world in which 10 to 20 percent of viewers "get it right." At that point, I feel like it's shoc read more

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