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Court of Public Opinion: The Trial of Bill Cosby
04:04 — Bill Cosby's defense attorney presents irrefutable evidence of her client's innocence.
Beer Ad
01:34 — Amy confronts a guy at a bar after he flirts with his beer instead of her.
The Universe
02:46 — Bill Nye unveils new information that suggests that the universe has the ability to communicate directly with white women.
Time Travel
03:11 — After deciding to move in with her boyfriend, Amy is visited by future versions of herself who make her reconsider this choice.
Amy Schumer Doll
01:25 — The official Amy Schumer doll comes equipped to make all the mistakes that Amy makes in real life.
Rapid Refresh: Hillary Clinton's Email Apology & Dog Inner Monologues
03:12 — Following Hillary Clinton's lead, Kyle Dunnigan, Hari Kondabolu and Matt Braunger distract from political scandal by dancing and deliver the inner mon (more…)
The (Burning) Man: Attempted Vibe Killing
01:41 — The FBI spied on Burning Man for a fruitless counterterrorism mission, and Kyle Dunnigan, Hari Kondabolu and Matt Braunger release the findings of the (more…)
Dog Stripper
02:07 — Things take a racy turn when Amy lands a gig stripping for an unconventional bachelor party.
Princess Amy
02:49 — A peasant girl finds out that she's actually a princess, but life as a royal proves to be less glamorous than she had hoped.
Old MacDonald Had a Song: What Does the Farmer Say?
03:09 — YouTube is weirdly loaded with farmers performing song parodies, and Kyle Dunnigan, Hari Kondabolu and Matt Braunger attempt to make sense of them.
Magic Man
03:32 — A magician charms his way into Amy's bedroom, but he refuses to stop performing tricks.
02:54 — Amy and a barista fall in love through a series of increasingly intimate latte art.
Girl, You Don't Need Makeup
03:07 — A boy band encourages Amy to dispense with her beauty regimen and embrace her inner glow.
Listen Alert
02:10 — A convenient new service provides someone to listen to boring stories when nobody else will.
Allergic to Nuts
02:52 — Two women at a restaurant make it exceedingly clear to their waiter that they can't eat nuts.
Say Fine to the Shirt
04:21 — Amy takes her apathetic boyfriend on a reality shopping show to help him find a new shirt.
Celebrity Interview
04:07 — Amy Lake Blively appears on a late-night talk show to promote her new movie and show off all of her quirky mannerisms.
#HashtagWars: #RejectedAppleProducts
02:00 — In honor of Apple's special tech event, Kyle Dunnigan, Hari Kondabolu and Matt Braunger pitch terrible ideas for products that would take more than an (more…)
Live Challenge: Bugs Runny
00:58 — Threatening to make a Canadian football game exciting, a jackrabbit stormed the field, so Kyle Dunnigan, Hari Kondabolu and Matt Braunger offer play-b (more…)
Penetrating Phil
01:37 — After Amy and her boyfriend bring another man into the bedroom, she is left confused that she was not the "focal point" of the evening.
Amy Goes Deep With an Ex-Cop
02:34 — Amy interviews an ex-cop about his time on the force and his current job as a body guard.
Hello M'Lady
01:55 — A new app for women helps you manage the guys who think they're dating you even though you've never expressed any interest.
Supper & a Movie's
02:34 — A family outing takes an unexpected turn at a movie-themed restaurant.
Unpleasant Truths
02:07 — Psychiatrist Amy holds a group therapy session, but is overwhelmed by her patients' relationship issues.
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