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I Know What You Did
01:49 — Claire knows what Ben did to Adam.
Bridey Finds Ben's Mother
01:15 — Bridey discovers a missing piece of the puzzle to guarantee her success.
Willa Comes Out to Danny
02:04 — Danny tells Willa that she can do better than Bridey.
The Truth Comes Out
01:16 — Ben makes a shocking confession.
Hank Solves Nina's Case
01:36 — Hank makes a big move to insure himself a new life.
01:59 — Claire tells Nina to drop her delusional theories.
Hank's Huge Discovery
01:33 — Hank realizes that Doug kidnapped Ben.
Nina Questions Ben
02:00 — Can Ben answer all of the questions Nina has for Adam?
Watch Your Son
01:29 — Hank tells Claire to be a better mother.
Ben Escapes
01:44 — Ben runs the first chance that he gets.
About Your Brother
01:04 — Willa gets news about her brother Adam.
Claire's Shocking Revelation
02:59 — Claire realizes that the boy is not Adam.
Paternity Test
01:58 — Bridey shows Willa the paternity test that proves that John is not Adam's real father. Willa is furious and admits that her mother had an affair long (more…)
Sneak Peek: the Trap
01:18 — Will Adam's kidnapper fall into Nina's trap?
Adam's Postcard
01:18 — The pock-marked man sends a post card to Adam.
Did John Attack Hank?
01:09 — Hank steps over the line and pays the consequences.
Adam Is Alive
01:57 — Ten years after his disappearance, Adam Warren suddenly reappears.
Two Moon Junction - Official Trailer
01:05 — An engaged Southern woman suddenly finds herself involved with a traveling carnival worker. Another steamy mess from director King!
Dream Lover - Official Trailer
00:38 — Dream therapy for the victim of a violent assault causes undesirable effects on her personality.
You Can't Hurry Love - Official Trailer
03:34 — After being dumped by his fiancee, a young man from Ohio moves to Los Angeles to find true love.
White Dog
02:51 — One of the most controversial American films of the 1980s, Samuel Fuller's White Dog was originally withheld from release in the USA and has been rare (more…)
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Official Trailer
01:29 — An aspiring singer and his songwriting sister travel to Nashville to find fame and fortune.
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  • Birth Name: Christina Ann McNichol
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
  • Birthday: September 11, 1962, Virgo
  • Profession: Actor

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