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Is Pushing Daisies going to ...

Question: Is Pushing Daisies going to submit itself in the comedy category or drama category at the upcoming Golden Globes? I only ask because I want to start placing my bets now on Kristin Chenoweth, Chi McBride and Lee Pace!
Answer: Pushing Daisies rightfully considers itself a comedy, and that's where it will be competing in all of the many awards ceremonies awaiting us in the new year. Let's just hope it gets the love it deserves ... read more


Interesting episode title and interesting episode. And by interesting I mean excellent, as usual.I like that we spent some serious time with Olive this week. I know many of you love her, and tonight we got a little glimpse into Olive’s past. Since she’s so short — 4' 11" to be exact — it would make sense that she was a jockey in a former life. She’s one of the sport’s best and brightest until a tragic accident brings her career to an end. When Olive’s jockey friends start going to that big racetrack in the sky, Olive knows she needs Emerson’s help to discover what’s really going on. She’s afraid the ghost of John Joseph Jacobs (Hamish Linklater) is returning to kill every jockey who crossed the finish line in the race that cost him his life. Turns out his witchy (with a b) mother (Barbara Barrie) has been impersonating him — on a horse that breathes fire, no less — to revenge the earnings and glory her son lost in that race... read more

Recently I overhead a ...

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies

Question: Recently I overhead a coworker saying how awful they thought Pushing Daisies was. I, of course, interjected that I love it, while sadly consigning myself to the fact that this is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it show (and that chatter may unfortunately turn away viewers who would potentially enjoy it). Perhaps I'm a child at heart, but I can't help but cherish Chuck's enthusiasm, the whimsical effects, the expressions Chi McBride uses and storyline twists such as sword-fighting with an Asian confederate's descendant. I then decided to try out Viva Laughlin, despite the warnings of you and other critics. I thought if nothing else, it could be a guilty pleasure, "so bad it's good." I was wrong. It was mind-numbingly awful, with no pleasure of any kind. My biggest fear, though, is that this will discourage networks from taking chances on musical shows in the future. Though I don't think there will ever be a musical on the level of CSI or Desperate Housewives in popularity, I do ... read more


Another Wednesday, another delightful episode.Poor Ned. It looks like he’s gone through most of his life being lonely. After he discovered his "gift," he kind of lost touch with people. Sensing something is amiss with Ned, Digby sets off to find him, but he somehow knows he and Ned aren’t allowed to touch. The only reason I’m willing to go along with this little leap in logic is because this show is a fantasy. Well, that’s not the only reason. I don’t really have a problem with Digby being an extremely smart doggie who is able to infer "the rules" of Ned’s gift, but I did think we’d get a little more on how Digby’s managed to stay so youthful all these years. I know quite a few of you had questions about that as well.OK, that’s my only quibble. Ned, Chuck and Emerson go to investigate a plane crash after Emerson smells some money in the suspicious circumstances. In the apartment, Chuck and Ned have a near-miss touching incident that leads... read more

Viva Is Dead; Long Live the Race!

Lloyd Owen in Viva Laughlin by Robert Voets/CBS

Since almost no one watched the second and final episode of CBS’ misbegotten quasi-musical mess Viva Laughlin, let me share with you a headline that appeared at the start of Sunday’s episode: “Viva Craps Out.” I kid you not. (The headline was referring to the fictional casino, not the show. But really. Did they already know this was coming?)And then there was this bit of dialogue, as casino owner Ripley Holden (Lloyd Owen) surveys his customer-free casino (prophetic, that) and asks his mousy accountant, “How long can we hold out?” The answer: “A week, tops.”Viva Laughlin didn’t even last a week. Episode 1 crashed and burned Thursday with a plum CSI lead-in, and Episode 2 (which was of even considerably worse quality than the pilot) caused nary a ripple Sunday night. With the ever-fatal combo of lousy ratings and blistering reviews, CBS made the only logical move and canned it. After a CSI repeat this Sunday, The Amazing Race will return o... read more

Daisies Growing On Me Even More!

Anna Friel and Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies by Ron Tom/ABC

Nearly five months passed between the time I got my first look at the miraculous Pushing Daisies pilot and the second episode. It was worth the wait. I am officially in love.Flashback (I wish I could count back the days, hours, minutes and seconds as precisely as Jim Dale does in his spot-on narration): It’s the week before the network upfronts in May, and I’m in Los Angeles working on the TV Guide Network’s America’s Next Producer show when a studio exec not even associated with Pushing Daisies leaks me a copy of the pilot, which I’d heard was good but had no idea was THIS good. From the moment I saw it, I was enchanted and could only hope that fellow critics and viewers with open minds and open hearts would share my enthusiasm. I was also so satisfied by what I’d seen that I couldn’t help wondering if they’d be able to pull it off on a weekly basis.Flash to the second week of October, and in brilliant high definition, I watch the second epis... read more


Color me charmed, again. If you don’t like quirky this is definitely not the show for you. I think at least one, if not a few of you, expressed concerns about the procedural element of the show. If Ned can touch someone and ask who killed them, their cases are going to be pretty cut and dried. But as we saw in this episode, they were given what Chuck called a clue but Emerson called evidence to help them solve the case. New things we learned:• Emerson is a closet knitter. That knitting needle definitely came in handy when they were trapped in those body bags. And he makes a mean gun cozy.• Chuck knows Japanese. Living with her shut-in Aunts, Chuck developed a curiosity about the world. She learned quite a few languages before her untimely demise.• The narrator will never lie to us. I know some of you aren’t big fans, but I still love how Jim Dale is the voice of reason. Even when every single person is spouting nothing but lies, Jim tells the truth.Let’... read more

"Pie Lette"

I’m thoroughly charmed by this show. I was a little afraid all the great things I’ve been hearing would lead to disappointment, but I must admit I loved the episode.The rules:• Ned’s first touch to something dead brings life, the second brings death forever.• If the person he brings back stays alive for more than one minute, someone else in close proximity will die.Ever since Ned (Lee Pace) was able to bring his trusty golden retriever Digby back from the dead, he has known he has the gift of reanimation. He was 9 when he found out. Unfortunately he didn’t realize his gift came with a price until he revived his mother only to watch his next-door neighbor and best friend Charlotte, aka Chuck (Anna Friel), Charles’ father die as a result. Soon after, Ned is shipped off to boarding school, and Chuck goes to live with her aunts, also known as the Darling Mermaid Darlings because of their synchronized-swimming careers. But before they are parted, they s... read more

I just watched the pilot for ...

Question: I just watched the pilot for the extraordinary Pushing Daisies (seriously, I can't even begin to describe the amazingness of those 42 minutes), but one thing bugged me: Are they going to fix some of the visual effects before the actual airing, or was that the final cut? Some things seemed pretty sloppy in terms of CGI (the field of flowers at the beginning, the fly, the bees) and I hope they'll be improved by the actual airdate. Also, I love the height difference between Kristin Chenoweth and Lee Pace. Absolutely genius. Answer: In most cases, what we're seeing in the pilots at this point isn't a final cut — but really? Sloppy CGI? I didn't notice, perhaps being so dazzled by Pushing Daisies' colors and narrative. It was all meant to look artificial and unreal, I'd think, but maybe there will be some fine-tuning before it actually airs. Can't say ... read more

I was one of the few who was ...

Question: I was one of the few who was able to see a screening of the Pushing Daisies pilot at Comic-Con and I completely disagree with William's assessment. Not only did Anna Friel and Kristin Chenoweth work, but they were some of the best parts of the show, and Chenoweth completely stole the panel afterwards. But my biggest problem with his comments were when he said that Chenoweth doesn't work simply because of her height. That was so absurd that it negated William's other observations about the show. Also, why is the viewing public always looking for reasons to hate shows that they admit to enjoying? Just recently, in your column I believe, someone said how much they love Scrubs and then listed all the things they hated about it. Why is it that TV viewers are always looking for the show to "jump the shark" (the most overused phrase ever)? And now people are looking for that moment before the show even airs. Have people forgetten how to just sit back and enjoy TV? Answer: I'm all for ... read more

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