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Wed Mar 29 10:00am
Duck DynastyStatue of Imitations(Season 10, Episode 2) A&E

Willie gets a surprise when a statue is built for him by a chainsaw artist. Elsewhere: Jep and Jessica try to help Kay sell some of her things online, but Kay starts buying more items.

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Wed Mar 29 10:30am
Duck DynastyA Decent Proposal(Season 10, Episode 3) A&E

Jase's son proposes to his girlfriend during a trip to New York, which inspires Jase to reignite romance between him and Missy. Elsewhere: Sadie asks Willie to be a guest lecturer at her business class, but Uncle Si tags along to promote his invention.

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Wed Mar 29 11:00am
Duck DynastyWild Wild West Monroe(Season 10, Episode 5) A&E

Jase and Jep argue over their grandfather's rifle and settle their dispute with a marksmanship contest. Elsewhere: Willie and Korie help Rebecca prepare for her trip to Taiwan.

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Wed Mar 29 11:30am
Duck DynastyFather Knows Pest(Season 10, Episode 4) A&E

Jase helps the HOA get rid of a menacing beaver and Little Will gets his leaner's permit, but Willie and Si argue about who is a better driving instructor.

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Wed Mar 29 12:00pm
Duck DynastyHalf in the Bag(Season 10, Episode 6) A&E

Si starts bagging groceries at a local store, but the guys accidentally cost him the job after they tease him about it. Elsewhere: Korie bribes Willie to get him to visit the dentist.

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Wed Mar 29 12:30pm
Duck DynastyThere Will Be Flood(Season 10, Episode 7) A&E

A large storm hits Monroe and the family seek shelter at Phil and Kay's house. Elsewhere: Jep; Si; Marti; and Godwin try to guard the Duck Commander inventory from damage when the roof starts leaking.

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Wed Mar 29 1:00pm
Duck DynastyBingo Star(Season 10, Episode 8) A&E

Willie and Kay play bingo at a local tournament, but Willie embarrasses himself with his enthusiasm for the game. Elsewhere: Jase and Jep showcase outdoor mud activities.

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Wed Mar 29 1:30pm
Duck DynastySadie's Choice(Season 10, Episode 9) A&E

Sadie tours a local college with Willie, who wants her to stay nearby after she graduates. Elsewhere: John Luke and Mary Kate try to prove they kept their family roots intact while at college.

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Wed Mar 29 2:00pm
Duck DynastyWhole Lotta Bull(Season 10, Episode 11) A&E

The guys go to a rodeo camp and Kay's dog gets a new girlfriend, requiring her and Willie to meet the dog's owners.

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Wed Mar 29 2:30pm
Duck DynastyHere Comes the Son(Season 10, Episode 12) A&E

Jase gives Reed a job as Duck Commander and Korie tries to help Willie lower his blood pressure by enforcing an exercise program and a vegetarian diet.

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Wed Mar 29 3:00pm
Duck DynastyBro'd Trip(Season 10, Episode 13) A&E

Willie travels to Arkansas on business with Jase and pitches a new product with an unorthodox sales strategy. Back in Monroe, Jep and Si accidentally ship out an important item of Willie's and try to recover it.

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Wed Mar 29 3:30pm
Duck DynastyTechs and Balances(Season 10, Episode 14) A&E

Willie takes away electronics by holding "No-Tech Week," but it ends being harder than he thought. Elsewhere: a lice breakout hits Duck Commander.

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Wed Mar 29 4:00pm
Duck DynastyAutomation Frustration(Season 11, Episode 2) A&E

Willie buys a 3D printer for the office, but the guys soon feel threatened it will replace their jobs. Also: Si invests in John Luke's SnoCone stand.

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Wed Mar 29 4:30pm
Duck DynastyDrive-In Revivin' A&E

Korie challenges Willie to be romantic without spending money and Missy and Jase try to find a girlfriend for Mountain Man.

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Wed Mar 29 5:00pm
Duck DynastyUneasy Rider(Season 11, Episode 4) A&E

Little Will buys a motorcycle, much to Willie's chagrin. Also: the guys design a new product that could revolutionize duck hunting.

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Wed Mar 29 5:30pm
Duck DynastyGood Willie Hunting(Season 11, Episode 5) A&E

A tracking challenge sees Jase and Si compete to see who can capture Willie and Jep.

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Wed Mar 29 6:00pm
Duck DynastySleep Cover(Season 11, Episode 6) A&E

Bella has a sleepover and Willie and Jep supervise, but decide to play a joke on the girls. Elsewhere: Jase introduces Si, Martin and Godwin to night golf.

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Wed Mar 29 6:30pm
Duck DynastyRazing the Snakes(Season 11, Episode 3) A&E

Cottonmouth snakes are found on Phil's property and Jase, Jep, Si and Cole try to remove them. Also: Willie helps Rebecca improve her clothing store.

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Wed Mar 29 7:00pm
Duck DynastyFishful Thinking(Season 11, Episode 7) A&E

Jase enters a fishing tournament and gets help from a legendary angler. Elsewhere: Willie makes a questionable decision about his greying beard.

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Wed Mar 29 7:30pm
Duck DynastyThe Campfire Diaries(Season 11, Episode 10) A&E

Old memories are revisited during a stop at a summer camp. Later: Jep tries to pass a swimming test he failed as a teenager.

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Wed Mar 29 8:00pm
Duck Dynasty A&E

A Louisiana family operate a thriving business manufacturing duck-hunting gear.

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Wed Mar 29 8:30pm
Duck DynastyBest of Duck Dynasty: Si JobsNew A&E

A compilations of highlights from all 11 seasons of "Duck Dynasty."

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Wed Mar 29 9:00pm
Duck DynastyEnd of an EraNew(Season 11, Episode 14) A&E

Si decides to retire to pursue a music career and the family organize a party in his honor. Meanwhile: Willie, Phil and Jase take a road trip to try to recreate an old duck call for Si's retirement gift.

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Wed Mar 29 11:03pm
Duck DynastyDisappearing Acts(Season 11, Episode 12) A&E

Si's tea cup goes missing because of WIllie and Jase, so Si makes them search for it. Also: Jep acts as a magician for Gus's birthday party when the entertainment the family booked falls through.

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