House of Cue Cards, Part 1
04:15 — In the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different from "House of Cards." Part 1 (more…)
House of Cue Cards, Part 2
02:39 — In the dramatic conclusion of the latest Tonight Show Digital Original, Jimmy Fallon shows how the world of the Tonight Show is not that different fro (more…)
Jimmy Pays Tribute to Robin Williams
02:53 — Jimmy celebrates the life and comic genius of Robin Williams and shows archive footage of his first Tonight Show appearance with then-host Johnny Cars (more…)
Tales from Set: James McAvoy On "Split"
03:09 — While backstage at The Tonight Show, James McAvoy shares the story of how getting pumped up for a scene ended up breaking his hand.
John Malkovich Finally Put His Name On His Clothing Line
04:30 — John Malkovich talks to Seth about how involved he is in his fashion line and how he wound up battling it out in the French court system for the use o (more…)
John Malkovich Directed a Play That Lit a Chicago Theater On Fire
04:28 — John Malkovich directed a disastrous opening night of the play Savages that included flaming stages and loud farting.
Late Night Crowd Scientists Debate Trump's Inauguration Turnout
03:08 — Seth consults Late Night's resident crowd scientist to disprove Donald Trump's false claims about his inauguration size.
President Trump Bans Muslim Nation Visitors, Mental Viagra
03:56 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, January 30.
Corey Hawkins Wants a Close Super Bowl LI to Boost 24: Legacy's Debut
03:03 — Corey Hawkins wants the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl, but not too easily, since he wants people to stick around after the end of the game for (more…)
Corey Hawkins Regrets Doing His Own Stunts On 24: Legacy
02:33 — Corey Hawkins chats with Seth Meyers about knocking himself out while performing stunts on the set of 24: Legacy and the fake Beats headphones he rece (more…)
Trump's Travel Ban Sparks Global Backlash: A Closer Look
09:19 — Seth takes a closer look at the second straight weekend of massive protests against President Trump - this time after he issued a ban on refugees and (more…)
An X-Men Fan Sculpted James McAvoy Out of Balloons
02:58 — James McAvoy chats with Jimmy about the high school band he rocked with in Scotland and the impressive balloon sculpture an X-Men fan made of him.
Audience Suggestion Box: New Tonight Show Theme Song, "Slap Yo Weave Off"
03:51 — Jimmy takes suggestions from the audience, including one asking to hear a new Tonight Show theme song from the YouTube artist Hot Dad (Erik Helwig).
Donald Trump Uses Two Inauguration Bibles, Justin Bieber's Belle Doll
02:50 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Wednesday, January 18.
Nick Offerman Recites a Poem
02:14 — In honor of the cozy season, Nick Offerman reads a heartfelt poem dedicated to firewood.
Nick Offerman Adds a Little Dance to the Founder
02:44 — Nick Offerman talks to Jimmy about playing McDonald's namesake and co-founder, Dick McDonald.
Nick Offerman Picked up Some Mojo from President Obama
03:15 — Nick Offerman and Jimmy bond over wearing spandex when they met First Lady Michelle Obama before Jimmy surprises him with old home video footage.
James McAvoy Portrays Nine Different Sides in Split
02:50 — Balancing multiple personalities and humor is tricky in James McAvoy's horror film Split.
Audience Suggestion Box: Hashtag the Panda Hibernates, the British Bachelor
03:47 — Jimmy takes suggestions from the audience, including one asking to see what "The Bachelor" would sound like if everyone on the show had British accent (more…)
Colleen Ballinger Trained Her Cats to Pee in the Toilet
01:14 — Colleen Ballinger is still a cat-obsessed child on the inside.
Thank You Notes: Pop-Up Halloween Stores, Singing in the Shower
03:07 — Jimmy pens thank you notes to jammed photocopiers, people named Patrick and other things.
Miranda Sings Got Colleen Ballinger Fired from Disneyland
01:46 — Colleen Ballinger tried to slip into her Miranda Sings character during Disneyland performances, but the Mouse House wasn't into it.
Colleen Ballinger Transforms Into Miranda Sings to Interview Jimmy
03:52 — Colleen Ballinger transforms into Miranda Sings before showing a clip from her Netflix series, Haters Back Off.
Jon Hamm Teams up With Zach Galifianakis for Keeping up With the Joneses
02:28 — Jon Hamm chats with Jimmy about his action comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses.
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