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David Beckham Had a Big Influence on Brooklyn's First Tattoo
03:24 — After telling James how he will miss his son as he prepares to leave move out of his home, David Beckham recalls how he made Brooklyn keep a promise a (more…)
Nicole Kidman Pressures Kit Harington to Pop the Question
03:13 — After recalling an intimate moment with her husband, Keith Urban, on the red carpet, Nicole Kidman pressures Kit Harington to propose to his girlfrien (more…)
Even in London, James Can't Escape Donald Trump
03:59 — James kicks off his week of shows in London celebrating his hometown, but is troubled by the idea that he can't shake President Donald Trump, who rece (more…)
Soundtrack to 'Romeo and Juliet' w/ Emily Blunt
06:26 — James and Emily Blunt perform an abridged version of the William Shakespeare classic love story, "Romeo and Juliet" set to 14 modern songs, across sev (more…)
'Mary Poppins' Is Making Emily Blunt's Family More British
02:15 — James asks Emily Blunt about moving her family to London to film the new "Mary Poppins" and what impact it's had on her older child's accent, and Emil (more…)
Dogs at Polling Stations Are the Kings of the UK Election
02:32 — Taping his last show in London on the night of the election, James looks at the story that dominated the day: people posting pictures of their dogs at (more…)
Crosswalk the Musical: Mary Poppins
09:51 — James finds his acting roots with a performance of 'Mary Poppins' in the middle of a London crosswalk with help from Sir Ben Kingsley. **Extended Vers (more…)
Kit Harington & Ed Sheeran's Friendship Began at a Urinal
01:14 — James asks Kit Harington about his friendship with Ed Sheeran and learns the two first encountered each other in the bathroom and hit it off.
Recreating David Beckham's Wedding Photo w/ Emily Blunt & James
03:13 — After James asks David Beckham to walk him through some choice fashion looks from his past, James asks Emily Blunt and David to help them recreate the (more…)
The Next James Bond - David Beckham v James Corden
05:58 — When David Beckham and James Corden find each other at the same audition for James Bond, their unique approaches to the role create tension that threa (more…)
The Phone Is for You, Harry Styles
01:45 — As James is settling into his last night hosting the show in London, what he thought was a prop phone on his desk begins to ring, but the call isn't f (more…)
Kit Harington Penned a Love Poem to Nicole Kidman
01:54 — James asks Kit Harington about writing poetry, a long time private hobby of Kit's, and for the first time ever, Kit reads one of his poems live -- a t (more…)
Alt-J Performs "In Cold Blood"
03:42 — Alt-J - In Cold Blood
Guest Host David Spade Plays “Spade-y or Lady?”
02:38 — David Spade’s hairstyles have often been made fun of so he played a guessing game with the audience where he showed various hair styles and they guess (more…)
David Spade’s Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live
07:45 — With Jimmy out on paternity leave, his pal David Spade stepped in to host the show for a night.
Guest Host David Spade Interviews Guy Ritchie
05:38 — David asks Guy about his new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, working with David Beckham and they celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Guillermo.
Guest Host David Spade Interviews Courteney Cox
10:07 — Courteney talks about meeting David while hosting Saturday Night Live, what it’s like being neighbors with him, and reveals what happened when she wen (more…)
Tales from Set: James McAvoy On "Split"
03:09 — While backstage at The Tonight Show, James McAvoy shares the story of how getting pumped up for a scene ended up breaking his hand.
John Malkovich Finally Put His Name On His Clothing Line
04:30 — John Malkovich talks to Seth about how involved he is in his fashion line and how he wound up battling it out in the French court system for the use o (more…)
John Malkovich Directed a Play That Lit a Chicago Theater On Fire
04:28 — John Malkovich directed a disastrous opening night of the play Savages that included flaming stages and loud farting.
Late Night Crowd Scientists Debate Trump's Inauguration Turnout
03:08 — Seth consults Late Night's resident crowd scientist to disprove Donald Trump's false claims about his inauguration size.
President Trump Bans Muslim Nation Visitors, Mental Viagra
03:56 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, January 30.
Corey Hawkins Wants a Close Super Bowl LI to Boost 24: Legacy's Debut
03:03 — Corey Hawkins wants the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl, but not too easily, since he wants people to stick around after the end of the game for (more…)
Corey Hawkins Regrets Doing His Own Stunts On 24: Legacy
02:33 — Corey Hawkins chats with Seth Meyers about knocking himself out while performing stunts on the set of 24: Legacy and the fake Beats headphones he rece (more…)
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