Mon Oct 12 9:30am
The Love BoatBaby Makers; Love Is Blind; The Lady and the Maid(Season 7, Episode 22) POP

Luise Rainer has a dual role as a ship's maid and the twin she's resented for 40 years; a couple (Kin Shriner, Jenilee Harrison) takes a scientific approach to conception. LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte-Harper.

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Mon Oct 12 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Lulu declines Dillon's advances; Valerie and Dillon bond; Nina reveals a vulnerable side to Franco; Kiki makes a scene at a bar.

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Tue Oct 13 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Michael and Morgan defend their actions to Sonny; Sabrina reveals her secret to Felix; Alexis questions Olivia's story to Julian.

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Wed Oct 14 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Jordan questions Anna about Carlos; Maxie and Dillon make a shocking discovery while filming his movie; Nathan apologies to Valerie.

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Thu Oct 15 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Sam hires Spinelli to help her and Jake; Lulu shares exciting news with Dante; Maxie and Nathan are torn between their loyalties to their friends and each other.

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Fri Oct 16 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Paul questions Anna about the recent turn of events in Port Charles; Elizabeth pressures Hayden to reveal what she knows; Nikolas offers to give Hayden a job.

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