Tue May 5 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

The Nurses Ball concludes; Elizabeth makes a surprising choice; Spencer receives some advice from an unexpected source.

Wed May 6 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Hayden blackmails Nikolas; Anna and Duke make a confession; Sam has apprehensions about keeping a secret.

Thu May 7 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Olivia starts to go into labor; Jake finds something unsettling in the garage; Jordan is in danger.

Fri May 8 2:00pm
General HospitalNew ABC

Sloane and Anna grasp the implications of a discovery; Sabrina and Michael discuss their relationship; at the end of the day, Sabrina receives a knock at the door.

Mon May 11 2:00pm
Tue May 12 2:00pm
Wed May 13 2:00pm
Thu May 14 2:00pm
Thu May 14 4:00pm
The Love BoatBaby Makers; Love Is Blind; The Lady and the Maid(Season 7, Episode 22) POP

Luise Rainer has a dual role as a ship's maid and the twin she's resented for 40 years; a couple (Kin Shriner, Jenilee Harrison) takes a scientific approach to conception. LeVar Burton, Shari Belafonte-Harper.

Fri May 15 2:00pm
Mon May 18 2:00pm
General HospitalLive ABC

The classic Gloria Monty soap charting the trials of Port Charles' medical center. Even daytime naysayers tuned in to see the celebrated nuptials of supercouple Luke and Laura, who scored covers of both Time and Newsweek during the same month. Over time, t (more…)