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Kim Kardashian Gives Rob a Swaddling Lesson
01:03 — Mrs. West helps her brother get for ready for fatherhood with some baby boot camp! See it on "Rob & Chyna"!
North West Is a Dancing Machine as Flower Girl at Wedding of Kim and Kanye West's Friend
01:00 — The adorable 3-year-old was the life of the party at the newlywed's reception.
Kim Fields & Lisa Whelchel
04:39 — "The Facts of Life" stars Kim Fields and Lisa Whelchel reunite for the Hallmark Channel movie "For Better or For Worse."
Waiting to See Kim's Nose
02:08 — Despite Kim's bandage and laying in bed, Kyle's excited to see her nose.
Kourtney & Kim: Rockin' the Boat
01:29 — Kourtney makes an effort to go boat shopping with Scott, but when she asks for a slower joy ride on the water, things take a turn for the worse.
Intervention Backfire
00:53 — Kim tries to plan an intervention between Simon and Jonathan, but when the plan backfires on her, are they willing to forgive her
Bonus: Spy Gear
00:49 — Kim tries out a few sneaky gadgets on her unsuspecting sister. See how Kourtney reacts to the pranks.
Kim Allergic to Cats?
01:59 — Kim goes to an allergist to find out what she's allergic to--and her BFF Jonathan finds humor in her suffering. Watch!
Living Large
01:34 — Scott shows off Kourtney, Kim and his new place in Miami to Khloe. Take the tour!
Bonus: Hurricane Kourt
00:53 — Kourtney sure has a weird way to pass the time while Kim and Scott go out on the town. See what surprise she has for them when they make it home.
Bonus: Noshing On Sushi
01:02 — Kim, Scott and Jonathan go out for an exquisite sushi dinner. See who has a hard time eating with chopsticks.
Makeup On Scott's Collar
00:46 — Kim uncovers suspicious evidence on Scott's shirt. Will he come clean on "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami"?
Stevie Wonder's Message for Kim Jong-un
00:51 — Grammy winner Stevie Wonder shares opinion on volatile situation in North Korea & his advice for Kim Jong-un.
Weekend Update: Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un
02:18 — After Dennis Rodman traveled to North Korea to put on a basketball clinic, Seth welcomes the NBA Hall of Famer and North Korea's supreme leader, Kim J (more…)
Scott's Eye-Opening Experience
01:58 — Scott finds himself at the doctor after a simple visit to the beach leaves his eye in pain! Find out how serious his injury is.
Bonus: Background Check
01:02 — Kim takes her hobby to a new level when she tries to dig up dirt on Jonathan. See what her sleuthing turns up!
Bonus: Midnight Snack
00:41 — When Kourtney tears into some late-night cookies, Kim has a devious solution for curing her cravings. Watch the gross-out moment.
Bonus: Khloe's Panic Call
00:53 — Khloe reaches out to Kim when her rehearsal for "The X Factor" goes terribly wrong. See if Kim's sisterly advice is just what Khloe needs.
Scott's Secret Revealed
00:47 — Kourtney and Kim discover something different about Scott. Find out what in this bonus footage.
Cold Opening: C-SPAN North Korea
04:47 — With tensions between North Korea and the U.S. heightened, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un addresses his people and announces a radical social changes.
Bruce the Bully
02:27 — When Scott doesn't show up for the family's rowing practice, Bruce runs to fetch him. Will there be a knock-down-drag-out fight? Find out!
Scott Makes Khloe Uneasy
01:24 — Feeling neglected by Kourtney, Scott grabs ice cream with Khloe, but his sexual desires are too overwhelming for her. See what he does.
Finding Cuban Coffee
02:07 — After trying Cuban coffee and loving it, Khloe wants Kim to try it. Can the girls find a Latin coffee shop to satisfy their cravings?
Bonus: All Eyes On Scott
00:45 — A new eye patch has Scott feeling like the Phantom of the Opera. Watch him get self-conscious out in public.
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