Are Race's Castoffs Fighting Mad?

Lake and Michelle, The Amazing Race

Lake and Michelle of CBS' The Amazing Race (Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET) have been called this season's Jonathan and Victoria. Argumentative. Snappy. They pecked at each other almost right up to the moment they were eliminated in Greece. Married for almost 15 years, the Mississippi dental team — he's a dentist, she's his office assistant — swear they're a lot nicer to each other in real life. No, really. Your accents are so charming — except for when you're mad!Lake: Well...Michelle: When else do you get to hear us talking? [Laughs] Speaking of that, Lake, you were really mean to Michelle. At one point in Greece you even said something like, "Bitch, just shut up!" How did you explain tha read more

Veronica Mars Ah yes, the infamous...

Veronica Mars Ah yes, the infamous rat-taped-under-the-bus-seat reveal — a delicious stinger for an otherwise solid episode. This one's chock-full of blasts from the past, isn't it? Aaron Echolls, Abel Koontz, Clarence Weidman... sort of like a Season 1 reunion tour. And then there's the one-two cameo punch of Kim from Top Model and Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon. Aww, Joss, good to see you, buddy! Now stop goofing off and make me a Serenity sequel, would you? All those November sweeps stunts aside, the stuff that really tickles me pink got even better upon viewing them for a second time: 1) Cliff McCormack is officially my favorite lawyer on television. (Don't cry, Denny Crane.) Hearing our trusty ambulance-chaser/public read more

America's Next Top Model "I'm...

Nicole, America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model"I'm extremely confused by the entire competition," Jayla said, uttering her first sincere words of the entire competition, and I couldn't agree more. How was she still there after both Lisa and Kim got the boot? Tyra's usual pop-psych pronouncements haven't really shed light on the situation. At least she could have used those speeches to smooth out the tension between the girls. Though past cycles have had their Robins and Keenyas, this is by far the bitchiest cast yet. But amazingly, all it took was a few glasses of wine and some sightseeing to make Nicole and Bre forget the great granola-Red Bull incident of last week, and Jayla and Nik dismiss their nightlight catfight of yore. So o read more

America's Next Top Model I wonder...

Veronica Mars

America's Next Top ModelI wonder if today's lesson in paparazzi management was a reaction to a specific Top Model incident, to the Kate Moss thing (I don't know when this was filmed) or to model misbehavior in general? It was much-needed. They're on a bleeping reality show, surrounded by cameras 24/7, and still the contestants were completely surprised by the stills taken of them on the sly. Kim has been the most oblivious of them all, not only getting caught in the act of imitating Tyra's elimination routine, but then getting called out for all of her (very funny) commentary about everyone else. Now we all know that every single girl on the show talks about her competitors — except maybe Nik, because she can't think of anything to say — so the read more

America's Next Top Model Let's...


America's Next Top ModelLet's start with last things first, shall we? I was wondering why they were already down to six and there was still no sign of a fabulous trip. So the second Tyra emphasized how interesting the judges' decision was, it did seem kind of plausible that they wouldn't eliminate anyone. It also helped that all of the girls performed fairly equally this week — in the judges' opinions, that is; I'm tiring of Nik and her sudden onset of lame panic every time she's asked to show a little bit of personality. Eva the Diva, otherwise known as the only Top Model grad visible in a single magazine right now, got to show the girls "the life of what a winner of Top Model really does." OK. Grammar aside, it was nice to see her a read more


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