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Help for a Woman Burned by Jealous Ex
04:02 — Francine was burned over 85% of her body at the hands of a jealous ex. Since then, she’s had limited use of her hands. See the special surprise The Do (more…)
Berries for Impotence?
03:31 — The Doctors are joined by urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to discuss how eating berries could help prevent erectile dysfunction.
Detox Your Home for Better Health?
02:06 — Studies show that decluttering your home can lead to better health. The Doctors reveal two tips to help you get started!
News in 2:00
02:08 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Exclusive: Man Frozen Solid for 10 Hours…Survives
04:44 — The family of Justin, a man who survived after being frozen solid in a snow bank for 10 hours, shares their harrowing story. Hear from the paramedics (more…)
Instant Margarita Maker Put to the Test
04:33 — There’s a new instant margarita maker in town that claims to make chilled mixed drinks at the touch of a button. But do they taste as good as the real (more…)
Dr. Travis Puts a Little Soul into His Cycle
03:42 — Dr. Travis may be a big cyclist, but he’s never Soul Cycled! Watch as he and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson, Dr. Jennifer Berman, and actress Brooke B (more…)
Eyebrow Guru Reveals Tips to Better Brows
04:29 — Whether they’re big and bushy or barely there, Anastasia Soare, founder & CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, reveals how to achieve perfect-looking brows (more…)
3 Tips for Healthier Breasts
02:53 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson take you inside the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills where surgical breast s (more…)
Special Report: Inside Hollywood’s Deluxe Maternity Suites
01:18 — When it comes to welcoming celebrity offspring into the world, many Hollywood A-listers turn to the deluxe maternity suites at Cedars-Siani Medical Ce (more…)
Dr. Travis Undergoes Physical Therapy for Back Pain
01:44 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork visits Body Connection in Los Angeles. Watch as he undergoes physical therapy with Danielle to help alleviate back pain.
Dr. Berman’s Skin Laundry Laser Facial
02:29 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson take you inside Skin Laundry. Watch as Dr. Jennifer Berman receives their signature l (more…)
Facialist to the Stars Reveals How to Get Red Carpet Ready
02:02 — Skin specialist Christie Kidd reveals the top treatments celebrities use to get red carpet ready!
Carmen Electra Reveals Her Beauty Secrets
03:33 — Actress Carmen Electra, host of WE tv’s Ex Isle, shares her thoughts on online dating and reveals her secrets for looking great!
Criminalize Parents for Kid’s Truancy?
04:17 — Should parents face criminal charges if their child skips school? The Doctors are joined by family and child behavior expert Dr. Gail Gross to discuss (more…)
Eating Toilet Paper to Beat a DUI?
01:09 — The Doctors discuss the story of a man who tried to beat a DUI charge by eating toilet paper before taking a breathalyzer.
Is W-Sitting Bad for Kids?
01:02 — The Doctors are joined by Tamra Judge, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, to discuss a viral email chain making the rounds that’s warning p (more…)
Woman Who Had Rib Removal Surgery Defends Decision
01:52 — 25-year-old Pixee had six ribs removed in her quest for a smaller waist. Listen as she defends her decision to do so, and hear final thoughts from The (more…)
Doctor Who Performed Rib Removal Surgery Speaks Out
04:28 — 25-year-old Pixee had six ribs removed in her quest for a smaller waist. Meet the doctor who performed the surgery, plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Epple, a (more…)
News in 2:00
02:04 — Get the latest health news you can use with “The Doctors”’ News in 2:00!
Toddler Eats Bacon for the Very First Time
00:58 — The Doctors discuss the hilarious viral video of a 1-year-old little boy trying bacon for the very first time!
Student Banned from including Gun in Yearbook Photo
04:13 — The Doctors talk with a high school senior who was banned from including a gun in his yearbook photo. Should this be allowed?
Miracle Cream Instantly Eliminates Under Eye Bags?
03:34 — The Internet has recently been flooded with videos showing a “miracle cream” eliminating people’s under eye bags in minutes. But does it work? Find ou (more…)
Do Plus Size Models Contribute to Obesity in Society?
01:46 — Some people believe plus size models are doing more harm than good and encouraging obesity in society. The Doctors are joined by actress Carmen Electr (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Kimberly Zimmer
  • Birth Place: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Birthday: February 2, 1955, Aquarius
  • Profession: Actor