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Amazing Race's Nicky and Kim: We Didn't Stand a Chance After We Got U-Turned

Nicole and Kim

There's no crying in baseball — or on The Amazing Race mat. Baseball wives Nicky and Kim kept their tears in check after their elimination on Sunday's episode because "we knew it was coming." "Phil [Keoghan] was like, 'Why aren't you crying?' And we were like, 'Well, we've had some time to digest that we're out!" Kim tells "We had a Speed Bump and got U-Turned. Once we got U-Turned, we knew it was over." But are they upset that Tim and Marie U-Turned them? Find out below.
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Amazing Race's Rowan and Shane: No Regrets on "Huge Mistake"

Rowan and Shane

Amazing Race's Rowan and Shane made one comeback after another on Sunday's episode, but they couldn't overcome their own huge blunder. After some miscommunication that put them on a late bus to Santiago, Chile, Rowan botched the shoe-shining Roadblock by using an actual shoe-shiner's stand instead of the Race ones. "It was my fault. I read the clue too quickly and didn't look for the Race sneakers hanging off of them," Rowan tells "And the guy let me do it! I had no indication that it wasn't right." Still, the actors and Queens of Bingo theater performers say they have no regrets about their error-strewn leg.
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