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I have been searching for a ...

Question: I have been searching for a movie from the '70s for ages and I'm stumped, as are my husband and sister-in-law. A woman and her husband move into a house and she hears whispering from behind a wall; she ends up opening this hole and little creatures come out — they reminded me of mean little cabbages with feet. Nobody believes her, and they think she is going a little crazy. In the end they end up dragging her down the hole with them and you hear them whispering and her talking to them. What is this movie??!!!??? I really need to know because it is driving me crazy!!!Answer: I can tell by the punctuation that you really are being tormented. It's called Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, a made-for-TV thriller that first aired on ABC in 1973 and burned itself into a lot of brains, mine included. Insecure young wife Sally (K read more

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