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Dr. Phil Steps In to Counsel Distraught Alec Baldwin

Dr. Phil McGraw by Scott Garfield/ABC

On Tuesday's Larry King Live, Dr. Phil explored the point of view of the child involved in a heated custody case such as the one Alec Baldwin is currently fighting with Kim Basinger — and ultimately offered his counseling services to the highly combatant exes. Now he's had that offer accepted — by at least one of them. Not long after the program aired, Baldwin (who likely had tuned in because his brother Stephen was also a guest) reached out to Dr. Phil, and engaged in a long first talk with the iconic psychologist, TV Guide has learned. According to Dr. Phil, Baldwin insisted that “he recognized the inappropriate nature of his comments to his daughter, and using her as the misguided target for his frustrations. One of his fears is that people, including the court, would have the misconception that this characterizes his persona as a father.”Baldwin also told Dr. Phil that he is "completely and totally committed to continuing his fight to have access to a full... read more

Alec Baldwin, The View Beget Two-headed News Baby

Alec Baldwin by Paul Drinkwater/NBC

In a pre-taped appearance airing on Friday's installment of The View, bad/sad dad Alec Baldwin stammers his way through an on-air apology to his daughter, Ireland, and, in one rambling instance, expresses a desire to be released from NBC's 30 Rock, TV's Extra reports. UPDATE: In response, an NBC rep says, "Alec Baldwin remains an important part of 30 Rock. We look forward to having him continue his role in the show."Still, Baldwin even talking about ankling the show that remade him a household name (and earned him critical kudos) is perhaps one sign of how hard his heated custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger has hit him. As brother William Baldwin tells Thursday's Extra, "This is a tough thing to have played out in the tabloid media, the public. I know that [Ireland] has a great relationship with her dad. I know that she loves her dad very much. I know that she wishes this would end."In light of what has happened, will you continue to watch 30 Rock? Vote here. Also check out our... read more

Basinger vs Baldwin, Round 2,108

Through a statement released by her rep, Kim Basinger has denied releasing her ex Alec Baldwin's Golden Globe-worthy voicemail to their daughter, Ireland, but adds that even if she did, their case wasn't sealed by court order anyway. Naturally, she couldn't leave it at that, either. The statement goes on to say, "Everybody is always asking why this custody battle has been going on for so many years, and now they have the answer. The issue is not about Kim or the alleged alienation that Alec constantly refers to. It is about his ongoing aggressive behavior. Kim's sincerest wish is for him to finally address his unstable and irrational behavior so he, at some point, can potentially create a relationship with his daughter." Uh-huh. In the words of Helen Lovejoy, "Won't somebody think of the children?" read more

At the Movies: Lindsay Lohan Mines a Diamond

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Lindsay Lohan is set to star in a big-screen adaptation of The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, Tennessee Williams' long-forgotten story of a disliked 1920s debutante (Lohan) with a penchant for shocking and insulting those around her. Chris Evans is Lo's love interest, David Strathairn her alcoholic pop, and Ellen Burstyn her mom.... Kim Basinger will star in While She Was Out, a real-time thriller about a housewife accosted by four hooligans while running a Christmas Eve errand. (And you thought those overzealous storefront bell ringers were a nuisance.) read more


If we are to believe the court papers recently filed by Alec Baldwin — and frankly, the allegations are just too delicious not to — his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Basinger, has been poisoning their (thankfully) only child's mind against him by giving her candy bars with smack-talking wrappers. The New York Post reports that one read, "To my daughter, Ireland, who gave me the strength... to stand up for myself... Mom." Gee, she woulda had me at chocolate. read more

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