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Beyonce's Push Party Pushed Everyone Else's to the Curb.
01:42 — She's pregnant with twins so it makes sense that Bey's soiree would be twice as nice!
The Billboard Music Awards Were Perfectly Pitched!
03:14 — Drake proves that 13 is a lucky number and Celine Dion's talent with go on...and on.
Iggy Azalea Wore Very Tight and Very White Pants to Pump Gas...
00:49 — But hey, at least she was wearing pants!
Stars Post Loving Mother's Day Tributes!
01:26 — Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Hart and more post some major mama love!
Michael Jackson Wanted to Live a Private Life So His Daughter Paris's Stance on Nudity Is a Bit Shocking...
01:25 — The star posts a semi-nude photo proclaiming her love of being in the buff!
Boys Will Be Boys!
01:32 — Peter Thomas takes down Matt Jordan when a radio interview gets physical.
Miss USA Better Hope the Weight of That Tiara Doesn't Cause Any Permanent Health Problems...
01:39 — Miss DC is crowned Miss USA after stating that healthcare is a privilege not a right!
Bow Wow Is Applying Ointment to His Burns After the Bow Wow Challenge Goes Viral.
01:43 — Rapper claims there is a method to his madness... no word on what that method is just yet though!
This Cookie Will Slap the Taste Right Out of Your Mouth if You're Not Careful!
03:24 — We recap last night's crazy episode of Empire!
Dead Men Tell No Tales But Men You Beat up Sure Do!
01:22 — Johnny Depp's behavior on set of Pirates of The Caribbean 5 was terrible as the star reportedly got into physical altercations.
They're a Modern Family But They Aren't Into Modern Feuds!
01:58 — Sarah Hyland sticks up for TV sister Ariel Winter after paps ask her to dish some dirt.
Colin Farrell Recalls Needing Man-saving After a Disastrous Manscaping!
01:21 — The star opens up about a grooming catastrophe before his first ever sex scene.
Chuey Hits the Red Carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards!
04:25 — We chat with Tito Ortiz and check up with the one and only Dr. Drew!
Usain's Girlfriend Should Really BOLT After His Latest Confession...
01:35 — the runner claims it is difficult to tell a good woman from a groupie!
The Met's Learn to Look Both Ways Before Posting On the Street!
01:06 — Scandal erupts after the Met's post a photo in their locker room featuring a rather large sex toy in the background.
Chuey Martinez Hits the Red Carpet at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards!
03:30 — He chats with Judge Mathis, Loni Love and Blair Underwood.
You're Gonna Wanna RUSH Over to See This Live Edition of AB FAB!
01:50 — We strip down to the nitty gritty with Joel Rush in studio!
RHOA Stands for Real Housewives of ATTA GIRL!
02:41 — Porsha puts the ladies in their place and reps Dish Nation on night three of the RHOA reunion.
Being Kelly Ripa's Co-Host Is a TALL Order...
01:28 — So why did Ryan Seacrest get the job?
Mary J. Blige Won't Be Obliging Much to Promising Young Stars...
01:59 — The singer betrayed after husband's alleged mistress turns out to be young singer Mary mentored.
Want to Take a Nice Evening TROLL?
01:21 — New MTV series to call out Internet trolls from the producers of Catfish.
Blue Jean Trends Are Clearly Changing...
00:50 — We discuss a new pair of questionable jeans in What The Fashion!?
Got $500 and a High Tolerance for Ridiculousness?
02:25 — Then the 'In Goop Health' summit Gwyneth Paltrow is planning is right up your alley!
Serena Williams Doesn't Do Backhanded Insults!
01:52 — The tennis star serves a direct insult to 'nasty' and racist old man Ilie Nastase.
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