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Dance's Top Ten Are "IV Real," and the Ink Proves It

Will Wingfield by Joe Viles/Fox and Kherington Payne by Joe Viles/Fox

Is ink thicker than blood?For the top 10 contestants from So You Think You Can Dance's fourth season, it just might be. During the hiatus between the show's finale Aug. 7 and their national tour, which kicks off next week, almost all of them got the same tattoo, inking the phrase "IV Real" into their skin. "IV Real" first got audiences buzzing after a Dance episode in June in which all the contestants wore T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase across their chests. Following his exit from the show, Will Wingfield divulged how the line represents the spirit of the show's fourth season. But on Friday, he gave more details on why it deserves the ink, and how it relates to where he and his fellow Dancers are going. The tagline, he explained, all started with his girlfriend, who designed his tees for the show. One night, she stepped out of the car with the "IV Real" tee. "I just smiled and said, 'That's genius!'," he recalled. He and Twitch had been looking for a way to grab vie... read more

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