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February 5, 2007: I'm Gonna Be Fine

Please look at the title of this entry. If you are a police officer and you’ve been shot, you are never, ever, ever, ever to say this. Ever. Even though Delko's getting shot was the worst kept secret on, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be anything like it was. Dare I say, CSI: Miami is giving us suspense again? When he got shot in the leg, I figured that was it. And then he just had to go and say, “I’m gonna be fine.” Horatio didn’t even have any sunglasses to fiddle with. He just had to stand there and actually emote. It was a watershed moment in the history of this show.I have to admit that when the first Clavo episode aired, I was definitely more concerned with passing my physics-for-poets science requirement, and so while I vaguely remember it, it doesn’t have quite the same resonance for me as it may have for others. I like the character, though. He’s very over-the-top and so obviously evil that he almost makes up for the l... read more

January 22, 2007: We Both Try to Make Miami a Better Place

I got so excited when I read the description of tonight’s episode and found out that it involved Frank and a land mine. I was then crushed when I found out that it was not going to be an emotionally wrenching hour of bomb-squad awesomeness à la Grey's Anatomy, nor perhaps a friendship forged around a certain death due to a subway accident (we miss you and your Baltimore ways, Frank Pembleton of Homicide: Life on the Street). Instead, I learned to stay away from con artists and received a lesson in the politics of Cuban exiles. What now? That doesn’t really have anything to do with bombs and Detective Tripp, you say? Yeah, tell me about it. It took me pretty much the whole commercial break after they saved Frank to recover. Once I did recover, I was confused. Why would the past-his-prime pitcher randomly set land mines on a beach? I’m aware that he knew that’s where his rival would be landing, but wasn’t it kind of lucky (or unlucky, depending on how y... read more

January 8, 2007: When the Shoe's on the Other Foot

And so we say goodbye to deliciously creepy Nick Townsend. He is survived by his ex-wife, Natalia Boa Vista, who had him put in jail. His apartment had been described as “Grand Central Station, with women coming in and out,” but he had many other redeeming characteristics as well, such as stealing and stalking. Upon further consideration, he had no redeeming characteristics whatsoever, except that he was just basically awesome. I, for one, will miss him and his alter ego, Rob Estes. Thus ends the obituary of Mr. Townsend. You knew that in the end he was either going to go to jail or be killed, but I was always of the opinion that the CSIs on this show needed a more serious nemesis, and he seemed like a good one. I suppose that over the rest of the season it’ll be the terrorists, but still, I’ll always have a soft spot for this guy.Also, we got an introduction to the bizarro-CSI: Miamians, aka the night shift. Of course, if we aren’t counting Jake, there seem... read more

December 11, 2006: Do Me a Favor, Be Seen and Not Heard

I certainly spent more than my fair share of time in the state of Florida on Thursday waiting for my massively delayed flight to leave (again, apologies for not getting this up earlier!), and yet I could not wait to get home and see it again onscreen. Luckily, I wasn’t nearly as disappointed by this episode as I expected to be when I saw it opening with Sonya, the gorgeous lady terrorist. Once I got past the fact that that courtroom was larger and sunnier than any I had ever been in — and I once worked in one — I was pleasantly surprised.There was a great small moment in this episode. When Calleigh went to Frank to ask him about gang tattoos, I almost jumped for joy. Rex Linn is so underused on this show, and it was wonderful to see him give some input rather than just acting as a foil for Horatio to bounce one-liners off of (though, as I’m sure you can all tell from previous write-ups, I am a huge fan of the one-liners). I know we’ve gotten some back-s... read more

November 27, 2006: Semper Fi

Yes! We got the triumphant return of Rob Estes as Natalia’s ex-husband, and it happened not a moment too soon. That all-too-brief scene was definitely the highlight of last night’s episode. The exchange between Maxine and Natalia after he asked out Maxine was too priceless. “Are you mad?” “Not at you.” Is no friendship sacred? (I guess that if Denise Richards can steal Ritchie Sambora away from Heather Locklear, then there’s no hope for us mere mortals.)What can I say about the plot? The opening was certainly intriguing. A marine recruiter gets shot at a civilian gun range, but he was dead before he got there. In the end we find out that in fact, Matthew (the guy who shot him) was actually the one that killed him. For a child of two pathologists, I’m a little concerned about his intelligence. His argument for dragging Hicks to the gun range in the first place was so that it would look like an accident. Either way, he still killed him. I’m... read more

November 20, 2006: I Cannot Believe I Took a Bullet for You

"Going, Going, Gone," was certainly comprehensive, and, for the most part, it was actually pretty good. Before I get to the last 10 minutes, I’d like to say that the first plotline that was introduced was a nice change of pace from what we’ve had lately. It was a straight-up boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-kills-girl story that make up the better episodes of this show. Rebecca had simply outgrown her fiancé, and so he stabbed her with a letter opener. However, we did finally get to see Alexx talk to a dead body again, after weeks of her not having much to do. Speaking of that scene, it was very cute when she pulled the camera up to her face to ask Ryan if he wanted to come do her job. I especially loved the exchange between her and Calleigh after Calleigh told Ryan he was doing a great job: “Hey, hey, hey, what about me?” “You’re fabulous!”Johnny Whitworth was back as Jake Berkeley — the undercover cop who can’t do anything righ... read more

November 13, 2006: Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

I feel bad saying that this was a mediocre episode after having seen all those pictures at the end of the women on whom this story was based. However, that doesn’t change the facts, as any good CSI knows. Part of the problem was the fact that it was completely unbelievable that the powers that be would allow Natalia to stay on the case, once it was discovered that her sister was involved. If this were any other show, she would have been thrown off the investigation, because such a personal stake in something can color one’s objectivity. On the other hand, we’ve seen Horatio and Delko investigate the murders of loved ones, so I guess that it’s just business as usual at the Miami-Dade PD. Being from New Jersey, I thought that I would appreciate this episode more than I usually can, considering it began on a turnpike. But just as that first car drove by without paying the toll, I kind of felt robbed on the plot. They actually had DNA evidence for the photographer, b... read more

November 6, 2006: Jet Set

So, in the wake of “Burn, baby, burn” from two weeks ago, we got exploding cars yet again. We also had plenty of questionable plot points. First off, I’m not totally sure I can believe that even our vaunted Miami-Dade CSIs can identify jet fuel purely by the smell. Secondly, they solved that whole murder in less than 24 hours? Wow. I didn’t even realize this until they were running the call log on the dismantled phone/hydraulic transmitter and said that this week’s evil blonde had called it at 6 am that same morning. I know everyone was griping about Horatio getting the car from the lab out to a completely deserted area in under four minutes in the previous episode, but in terms of plot holes, I think this might be the big winner.We didn’t have nearly enough Alexx this week, as this was a wound they didn’t even need her to identify. I suppose decapitation isn’t very exciting for an ME, as it doesn’t exactly leave room for interpretation... read more

October 23, 2006: I Ain't Got No Santeria....

As if murder isn’t creepy enough, CSI: Miami decided to give us a full-blown Halloween episode this week. Delco pretty much summed up the plotline when he said, “We have a golf club, a coffin and signs of a struggle.” Poor Alyssa. Her boyfriend and her best friend decided to kill her over a work-related snub and a whole lot of gold in a burial plot. I liked that for the first time on this show (at least in my watching), the criminal got away with her crime and no one went after her. That had always been one of my gripes, because every week it seemed a little too neat at the end; the good guys always won. But I guess even CSIs can’t beat the protection Santeria offers.Really though, this plotline seemed more of an excuse to put our investigators into sinister situations. Of course, Ryan, who claimed he wasn’t scared of a “curse,” ended up a believer by the end. On the other hand, I can’t say that if I saw bodies moving around in the morgue, and... read more

October 16, 2006: The Art of Popping a Bloater

CSI: Miami is back. It was very nice to focus on one murder without branching off into too many different directions. Even the secondary investigation (that of Marta) seemed to grow much more organically out of the main case than any of the subplots did last week. I was also a little surprised (in a good way) to see the show tackle a sensitive political issue — eminent domain — instead of the young rich kid story lines we saw so much of last season. I have to say that I’m not sure that the Wells’ were the most sympathetic of victims of government takeover, but I do hope all the eagle-eyed Seinfeld fans out there noticed that Suzanne Cryer has not continued her on-screen life of crime. She played George’s girlfriend Marcy and yada yada yada, I was glad to see that she hadn't slept with our bloated victim. Speaking of which, the look on Ryan’s face when Alexx popped Councilman Bridges’ body pretty much said it all. I would say that there are worse ... read more

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