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Tue Jan 17 11:00am
Dawson's CreekTo Be or Not to Be...(Season 2, Episode 14) POP

Jack's private poetry goes public, sparking a debate over his sexuality. And as Pacey (Joshua Jackson) targets the teacher who started the mess, Joey tries to beef up her beau's image. Meanwhile, Jen sees Ty's true colors. Jack: Kerr Smith. Joey: Katie Hol (more…)

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Tue Jan 17 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekThat Is the Question(Season 2, Episode 15) POP

Mr. McPhee returns amid rampant rumors about Jack's sexuality, which continue to haunt Joey; Pacey (Joshua Jackson) targets a cruel teacher; and Ty shocks Jen with his views on gay rights. Jen: Michelle Williams. Joey: Katie Holmes. Dawson: James Van Der B (more…)

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Wed Jan 18 11:00am
Dawson's CreekBe Careful What You Wish For(Season 2, Episode 16) POP

A drunken Dawson attacks Pacey, Joey, Jack (Kerr Smith) and his parents at his own surprise birthday party; Ty uses words that hurt to explain his attraction to Jen; and Abby sets her sights on Jack. Eddie Mills, Monica Keena.

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Wed Jan 18 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekPsychic Friends(Season 2, Episode 17) POP

At Capeside's fair, a shutterbug (Nick Stabile) develops a thing for Joey---and Jack; Dawson's film teacher pans his movie; and Jen helps Grams catch the eye of an old chum. Nicole: Madchen Amick. Jack: Kerr Smith.

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Thu Jan 19 11:00am
Dawson's CreekA Perfect Wedding(Season 2, Episode 18) POP

Only a day after his parole, Joey's dad (Gareth Williams) persuades her and Bessie to cater a wedding, which turns out to be a hectic and emotional day for many in Capeside. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Abby: Monica Keena. Joey: Katie Holmes. Pacey: Josh (more…)

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Thu Jan 19 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekAbby Morgan, Rest in Peace(Season 2, Episode 19) POP

A sudden death sends Jen (Michelle Williams) into a tailspin, and Andie (Meredith Monroe) is dragged along when she's accused of contributing to accident that caused it. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Joey: Katie Holmes. Dawson: James Van Der Beek.

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Fri Jan 20 11:00am
Dawson's CreekReunited(Season 2, Episode 20) POP

Dawson's attempt to wine and dine Joey at a fancy restaurant turns into a three-way collision with his father's date and his mother's “girls' night out” with Jen. Mitch: John Wesley Shipp. Nicole: Madchen Amick. Gale: Mary-Margaret Humes. Dawson: James (more…)

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Fri Jan 20 12:00pm
Dawson's 2, Episode 21) POP

As Dawson (James Van Der Beek) wrestles with his final film project, he stumbles across an unwelcome discovery about a friend's family. Meanwhile, Pacey learns Andie may have to leave Capeside. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Andie: Meredith Monroe. Jack: Kerr Smit (more…)

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Fri Jan 20 8:00pm
The Vampire DiariesThe Simple Intimacy of the Near TouchNew(Season 8, Episode 9) CW

Stefan and Damon return to Mystic Falls at Sybil's request as she still searches for the historical artifact; Bonnie returns from Paris wearing a vile of Enzo's blood, which makes Caroline wonder if Bonnie will become a vampire; Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Bo (more…)

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Sat Jan 21 3:20pm
Scream 3 MOMAX

Sidney (Neve Campbell) tries to change her luck by changing her name and address, but her past comes back to haunt her on the set of a film that dramatizes her grisly history. Gale: Courteney Cox Arquette. Riley: David Arquette. Kincaid: Patrick Dempsey. R (more…)

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Mon Jan 23 11:00am
Dawson's CreekParental Discretion Advised(Season 2, Episode 22) POP

Dawson agonizes over his mother's career decision, as well as the repercussions of what he saw at the Ice House. Meanwhile, Pacey and his father (John Finn) come to blows over his poor school performance and his feelings for Andie; and Jen is stunned when (more…)

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Mon Jan 23 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekLike a Virgin(Season 3, Episode 1) POP

Dawson lands in a boatload of trouble when he falls under the sexy spell of Eve (Brittany Daniel) and stumbles into a confrontation with Joey over their break up. Meanwhile, Jen tries out for the cheerleading squad with the intention of denouncing the snob (more…)

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Mon Jan 23 2:20pm
Scream 2 MAXEAL

Director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson reunited for this homage to slasher film sequels. Sly horror flick, but inferior to the original. Courteney Cox and Neve Campbell star with David Arquette and Jamie Kennedy.

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Tue Jan 24 11:00am
Dawson's CreekHomecoming(Season 3, Episode 2) POP

Dawson plans a sexcapade with Eve (Brittany Daniel); Pacey wilts when Andie isn't thrilled at his surprise visit; Jack agrees to join the football team on one condition---that Mitch also adds Henry. Meanwhile, Jen fashions unorthodox cheers for her squad a (more…)

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Tue Jan 24 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekNone of the Above(Season 3, Episode 3) POP

Dawson and his pals cast suspicious eyes at one another when an advance copy of the PSAT procured by Eve goes missing. Meanwhile, Jack feels harassed by his teammates and considers quitting the team and Rob asks a reluctant Joey out on a date. Eve: Brittan (more…)

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Wed Jan 25 11:00am
Dawson's CreekHome Movies(Season 3, Episode 4) POP

Dawson's chance to shine clashes with his dad's when he decides to profile Jack for a TV news story and Mitch opposes it, fearing Dawson is distracting his best player from the big game. Meanwhile, Jen balks when she learns the head cheerleader is being (more…)

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Wed Jan 25 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekIndian Summer(Season 3, Episode 5) POP

Dawson has a stunning revelation about Eve (Brittany Daniel) after he catches her breaking into Grams's; Joey fears Rob (Niklaus Lang) has an ulterior motive in taking out Andie; and Jack tries to help Henry (Michael Pitt) get closer to Jen by setting up a (more…)

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Wed Jan 25 1:09pm
The Faculty Syfy

High schoolers face an onslaught of aliens who have taken over the bodies of their teachers.

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Thu Jan 26 1:10am
The Faculty Syfy

High schoolers face an onslaught of aliens who have taken over the bodies of their teachers.

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Thu Jan 26 11:00am
Dawson's CreekSecrets and Lies(Season 3, Episode 6) POP

Jen is in homecoming queen hell when she clashes with a previous titleholder (K Callan) who also happens to be Henry's close friend; Dawson's mom makes an unexpected appearance; and Andie levels a devastating accusation against Rob that puts Joey and Pacey (more…)

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Thu Jan 26 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekEscape from Witch Island(Season 3, Episode 7) POP

Eerie happenings surround Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey when they get trapped on the allegedly haunted Witch Island, where they plan to shoot a documentary about the island's tragic legend. Meanwhile, Andie spins off onto a power trip as the head of the disc (more…)

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Thu Jan 26 5:10pm
Scream MOMAX

Wes Craven's clever spoof of '80s slasher films is about a killer who targets a teen (Neve Campbell) whose mother was brutally murdered the year before. Drew Barrymore. Billy: Skeet Ulrich. Gale: Courteney Cox. Riley: David Arquette. Stuart: Matthew Lillar (more…)

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Fri Jan 27 11:00am
Dawson's CreekGuess Who's Coming to Dinner?(Season 3, Episode 8) POP

Parent-child angst dominates the Thanksgiving holiday when Jen's mom Helen (Mel Harris) returns for holiday dinner at Grams' and Dawson finally learns the outcome of his parents' separation. Meanwhile, Andie (Meredith Monroe) and Jack are disappointed whe (more…)

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Fri Jan 27 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekFour to Tango(Season 3, Episode 9) POP

Jen and Pacey leave behind evidence of yet another unconsummated make-out session when they decide to use Dawson's bedroom; Jack finds an admirer through the Internet; Joey agrees to tutor Pacey in math if he agrees to take dance lessons with her so she ca (more…)

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