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Sun Mar 26 1:00pm
The Faculty Syfy

High schoolers face an onslaught of aliens who have taken over the bodies of their teachers.

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Sun Mar 26 9:00pm
Time After TimePicture FadesNew(Season 1, Episode 5) ABC

After learning John has taken the time machine to 1918 in Paris, H.G. is determined to stop him before he can alter the fabric of time.

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Mon Mar 27 11:00am
Dawson's CreekPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) POP

In the series opener, Dawson (James Van Der Beek) finds his best friend, Joey, growing jealous of his attraction to a neighbor's granddaughter, while Pacey fixates on his new teacher. Jen: Michelle Williams. Tamara: Leann Hunley.

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Mon Mar 27 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekDance(Season 1, Episode 2) POP

Dawson causes a scene at the school dance for leading lady Jen, while Joey (Katie Holmes) calls Mrs. Leery on her liaisons. Mitch: John Wesley Shipp. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Tamara: Leann Hunley. Jen: Michelle Williams. Pacey: Joshua Jackson.

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Tue Mar 28 11:00am
Dawson's CreekKiss(Season 1, Episode 3) POP

Dawson tries to plot the perfect kiss for Jen; Joey (Katie Holmes) is wooed by a stranger; and Pacey graduates to manhood. Jen: Michelle Williams. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Pacey: Joshua Jackson.

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Tue Mar 28 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekDiscovery(Season 1, Episode 4) POP

Dawson uncovers his mom's affair, Joey's lie, and Jen's secret past; Pacey seeks out Dawson's secret tape. Jen: Michelle Williams. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Mitch: John Wesley Shipp. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Tamara: Leann Hunley.

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Wed Mar 29 11:00am
Dawson's CreekHurricane(Season 1, Episode 5) POP

During a hurricane, Dawson blows off his friends; and Mitch (John Wesley Shipp) storms out after catching wind of Gale's affair. Doug: Dylan Neal. Tamara: Leann Hunley. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Jen: Michelle Williams.

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Wed Mar 29 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekBaby(Season 1, Episode 6) POP

A rumor at Capeside proves fateful for Pacey and Tamara (Leann Hunley); an unfriendly face helps Bessie during labor at the Leerys. Joey: Katie Holmes. Doug: Dylan Neal. Jen: Michelle Williams.

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Thu Mar 30 12:36am
I Know What You Did Last Summer STZEN

Four teens are stalked by an unseen killer after accidentally hitting a man with a car and disposing of his body.

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Thu Mar 30 11:00am
Dawson's CreekDetention(Season 1, Episode 7) POP

The gang lands Saturday detention, where bitter rivalries arise between Dawson and Pacey; and Joey and Jen (Michelle Williams). Joey: Katie Holmes. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Dawson: James Van Der Beek.

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Thu Mar 30 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekBoyfriend(Season 1, Episode 8) POP

Dawson feels the heat when Jen is visited by an old beau; Joey (Katie Holmes) lets off too much steam at a beach party; the Leery marriage reaches the boiling point. Jen: Michelle Williams. Dawson: James Van Der Beek.

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Fri Mar 31 11:00am
Dawson's CreekRoadtrip(Season 1, Episode 9) POP

Dawson joins Pacey and Billy (Eion Bailey) on a boys' night out; Jen does damage control when a rumor about Joey circulates. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Joey: Katie Holmes.

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Fri Mar 31 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekDouble Date(Season 1, Episode 10) POP

Dawson tries to make Jen jealous by taking a date to the fair, but ends up envying Pacey's new fondness for Joey (Katie Holmes). Meanwhile, Mitch wonders if Gale's affair is really over. John Wesley Shipp, Scott Foley.

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Sun Apr 2 9:00pm
Time After TimeCaught Up in CirclesNew(Season 1, Episode 6) ABC

H.G., Vanessa and Jane decide to investigate "Project Utopia" while Vanessa doesn't realize some of the people in her life are not who they appear to be.

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Mon Apr 3 11:00am
Dawson's CreekThe Scare(Season 1, Episode 11) POP

Dawson's Friday the 13th pranks are a scream, until Jen (Michelle Williams) receives an all-too-scary note and phone call. Joey: Katie Holmes. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Doug: Dylan Neal. Dawson: James Van Der Beek.

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Mon Apr 3 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekBeauty Contest(Season 1, Episode 12) POP

Joey (Katie Holmes) enters a beauty pageant, which causes Dawson to see her in a different light. Meanwhile, Pacey strikes a blow for men's lib by entering the contest, as well. Jen: Michelle Williams.

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Tue Apr 4 11:00am
Dawson's CreekDecisions(Season 1, Episode 13) POP

Joey (Katie Holmes) chooses between Paris and Capeside after a visit to her dad; Jen returns to Dawson after a loved one falls ill; Pacey and Doug bond over their father's feelings about both of them. Joshua Jackson.

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Tue Apr 4 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekThe Kiss(Season 2, Episode 1) POP

Joey and Dawson try out couplehood, making birthday-boy Pacey and Jen feel left out. Andie: Meredith Monroe. Abby: Monica Keena. Mitch: John Wesley Ship. Dawson: James Van Der Beek.

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Wed Apr 5 11:00am
Dawson's CreekCrossroads(Season 2, Episode 2) POP

Jack (Kerr Smith) scores a job at the Ice House; Joey's diary lands her in hot water; Dawson lets Pacey down one time too many; and Abby influences a lonely Jen. Monica Keena, Meredith Monroe. Joey: Katie Holmes.

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Wed Apr 5 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekAlternative Lifestyles(Season 2, Episode 3) POP

An economics-class project pairs Andie (Meredith Monroe) with Pacey, who gains a wealth of knowledge about her past; and Jen with a disinterested Dawson. Jack: Kerr Smith. Joey: Katie Holmes. Abby: Monica Keena. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Pacey: Joshua Ja (more…)

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Thu Apr 6 11:00am
Dawson's CreekTamara's Return(Season 2, Episode 4) POP

Tamara (Leann Hunley) returns to seal a deal with Mitch; Jack makes a good impression on Joey at an art exhibit; Andie goes through Dawson to learn more about a potential paramour. John Wesley Shipp, Katie Holmes.

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Thu Apr 6 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekFull Moon Rising(Season 2, Episode 5) POP

A full moon draws Joey to Jack (Kerr Smith); sets the scene for Pacey and Andie's first date; and tears the Leerys apart. Mitch: John Wesley Shipp. Joey: Katie Holmes. Abby: Monica Keena. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Andie: Meredith Monroe.

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Fri Apr 7 11:00am
Dawson's CreekThe Dance(Season 2, Episode 6) POP

At Homecoming, Jen sees a golden opportunity when Dawson sees Joey with Jack; Andie is crushed by Pacey (Joshua Jackson). At home, the Leerys make a sad decision about their marriage. Monica Keena, Kerr Smith.

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Fri Apr 7 12:00pm
Dawson's CreekThe All-Nighter(Season 2, Episode 7) POP

During an all-nighter, Dawson learns more about Joey's crowded love life; Andie hears of an upsetting chapter from Pacey's past; and Jen learns a lesson from a new suitor. Dawson: James Van Der Beek. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Andie: Meredith Monroe.

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