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Hot Summer
No “dog days” on TV this year

There’s no taking vacation from summer TV. Used to be everything went mostly dark between May and September. No longer. This off-season’s deluge of shows includes the usual glut of reality TV, much of it disposable — though some, like Bravo’s delicious Project Runway, are must-sees. Meanwhile cable networks deliver signature dramas and comedies nearly every night of the week. Even in normally sleepy late July, there are plenty of fresh and compelling choices. Here’s a sampler of the new series and specials, rated by whether they’re worth coming inside for. Work Out Tuesdays, 9 pm/ET, BravoReason to stay in: To see how the rich and famous get in shape, as cameras follow the buff trainers at an exclusive Beverly Hills penthouse gym.Worth watching? I’ve met barbells with more personality. Too little sweat, too much attitude fr read more

When are there going to be ...

Question: When are there going to be more episodes of PBS' Mystery! series? Please be specific. Thank you. Answer: I'll be as specific as PBS allows. What follows are the national airdates; I can't guarantee these shows will air on these dates in your particular market. But here goes: Mystery! returns April 30 with a new series of two two-hour mysteries, titled Jericho, starring Robert Lindsay as a Scotland Yard inspector in the 1950s. June and July will be filled with Miss Marple mysteries starring Geraldine McEwan. Titles include Sleeping Murder, By the Pricking of My Thumbs (which also features Agatha Christie sleuths Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, played by Anthony Andrews and Greta Scacchi), The Moving Finger and The Sittaford Mystery. On July 30 there's a two-hour movie titled Inspector Lewis (a follow-up to the classic Inspector Morse mysteries, featuring the late Morse's surviving crime-solving partner, played by Kevin Whately). And in September, there will be four new Inspector ... read more

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