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Veronica Mars So weird to watch...

Veronica MarsSo weird to watch the initial aftermath of the bus crash, and I loved seeing the whole scene with Kevin Smith — this time for different reasons. The first time around I just loved that Kevin was a clerk, but now I loved marveling at the fact that there were bus-crash souvenirs. It is really terrifying and such a true glimpse at real situations. Honestly, I keep expecting there to be guys on the street corners in New York City selling “I Survived the Transit Strike of 2005” T-shirts any day now. There are always people out there looking to make a quick buck out of a bad situation. I know our little crime-fighter is busy taking down baddies and all, but maybe she could spare a few moments somewhere to scold these dudes. Plus, in this episode we learned that Meg surviv read more

I was just getting ready to write...

I was just getting ready to write about how wonderful it was that this episode didn't end on a big cliff-hanger and instead resolved with Keith agreeing to run for sheriff... and then they had to go and hit me with that last scene. Why does the dead guy who washed ashore have Veronica's name written on his hand? Every time I think I'm actually getting somewhere in figuring out any part of this mystery, the sneaky writers throw me for a huge loop. They still remember to insert brilliantly witty dialogue and to use of guest stars cleverly. It was so smart to have Clerks creator Kevin Smith working as a clerk at a convenience store. If only Veronica could have been the 37th person to ask about the dead guy's last meal instead of the 97th... now that would have been a perfect in-joke. On the love-life front, Wallace has a girlfriend. Or at least he's got the interest of the prissy Jackie, who should keep hanging around him as long read more

The talking-ad insert NBC put...

The talking-ad insert NBC put in my Entertainment Weekly last week, in which Jason Lee yelled, "I'm talkin' about karma!" every time you opened the magazine, nearly turned me off of the show (especially after my husband hid it under my pillow one night). But I'm glad I disregarded all that. And I could just about ignore this whole plot conceit about Earl righting his past wrongs by hunting people down and forcefully becoming their Roma Downey for the day. What gets me about Earl are the little things — these ignorant, lying, cheating, lazy, small-town characters and the details of their pitiful lives and simple pleasures: the "We're gonna do the monkey" song at the opening; perfect white-trash temptress Joy (Jaime Pressly); Earl and Sonny's ongoing game of beer-can tag; Earl and Randy's childhood habit of calling "dibs" on girls; Patty the daytime hooker; Randy's bliss every time someone presses B-7, "It Takes Two," on the jukebox; Kenny James' parent read more

Kevin Smith Loves His 'Rats Pack

Kevin Smith

Director Kevin Smith always gives his fans a bit more than they expected (OK, and sometimes wanted) with his fully loaded DVD releases. His ’95 flick Mallrats (out today on DVD) has Smith showing his indie spirit by presenting a brand-new cut of the comedy. Here the sly director relaxes with to riff about the 'rats, a new Clerks and why he’s not buzzing around The Green Hornet. Mallrats didn’t set the box office on fire when it came out in theaters. Why do this extended DVD?Kevin Smith: I thought after Mallrats came out and wasn’t well received that no one would ever talk about it again, other than in film class as, "Never do this!" At the time it came out I felt like I was hav read more


Watch for View Askew auteur Kevin Smith to guest-star as himself on the season premiere of NBC's Joey this Thursday. What else is "Silent Bob" up to? Check out our Insider interview with the director for the latest on Mallrats, the Clerks sequel and The Green Hornet. read more

Well, it's about damn time! Cripes,...

Well, it's about damn time! Cripes, I was starting to think Aquaman was never gonna happen. Thankfully, the gang's trip to screen "Queens Boulevard" at Sundance impressed James "Call me Jim" Cameron enough to seal the deal. Whoo-hoo! And not a second too late, considering the number of industry faux pas going on. Seriously, between the Kevin Smith slams, pulling out of the film adaptation of Kem Nunn's classic surfer tome, Tapping the Source, and that less-than-flattering Weinstein impersonator, Vincent would be lucky to rent a Miramax film, much less star in one. But now that he's suiting up as DC's undersea hero, all should be swell. Except for Drama and Turtle. Yeah, crossing swords during the three-way with their driver? Not so good. As a proud owner (and addict) of the T-Mobile Sidekick, I'd suggest the fellas boot up their goodie-bag PDAs and Google themselves a good therapist. And while they're at it, maybe they could IM the Emmy folks a read more

Kevin Smith Dishes Bennifer

With movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Dogma in his filmography, no one ever accused Kevin Smith of being warm and fuzzy. But with the release of Jersey Girl, the sardonic director showed he does have a soft and romantic side. With Girl arriving on DVD Sept. 14, Smith sat down with TV Guide Online to riff about his critics, Bennifer and that buzz surrounding The Green Hornet. TV Guide Online: Jersey Girl is a different kind of picture for you.Kevin Smith: I'd recently become a father when I started writing it, and I was kind of obsessed with that subject matter. The stuff I'd done before this was kind of profane and cynical, but underneath, there's this sweetness. The movie caught people in weird ways. I got great reviews from critics who never like my movies and horrible reviews from those who thought I was "selling out." TVGO: So are you going back to profane and cynical?Smith: Oh yeah. This read more

Silent Bob Speaks Out!

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is no stranger to religious scandal. His 1999 film Dogma — featuring two fallen angels and a happy-go-lucky Jesus — had the entire Catholic League up in arms. But unlike Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, which spun a little controversy into record-breaking box-office returns, Dogma barely caused a blip — and Smith has a theory why. "I wish we put a bloody Christ in our movie instead of the Buddy Christ," he jokes to TV Guide Online. "We would have cleaned up, [too]. Who knew? "We had death threats and 300,000 pieces of hate mail," Smith continues, "and Bill Donahue on the news every night heading up the Catholic League, rallying against our movie and calling for Disney to drop it — essentially, pitting Mickey Mouse against Jesus Christ." (In the end, Disney-owned Miramax caved and Lion's Gate released the film.) Smith fears controversy will also hurt his lat read more

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