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Movie News: Seth Rogen's Porno and More

Seth Rogen by Eric Charbonneau/

Seth Rogen, Scrubs' Elizabeth Banks and Kevin Smith muse Jason Mewes will star in the Clerks director's next comedy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Says an excited Smith: "Getting Seth in this flick is like suddenly growing an extra six inches in the crotch."... Grownup Panic Room moppet Kristen Stewart has landed the female lead in Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel about a girl who is not named Buffy who is in love with a vampire who is not named Angel... The curtain will go up on Dolly Parton's stage adaptation of 9 to 5, the 1980 classic comedy she made with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, on Sept. 21, 2008, in L.A. Allison Janney stars. No, not in the old Parton role, in Tomlin's role. As if....Tim Burton has sealed a deal with Disney to direct and produce a live-action-plus-performance-capture animation version of Alice in Wonderland and remake his own stop-motion short, Frankenweenie, as a full-length feature. Both will be shown in 3-D, and if we're lucky, Alice ... read more

Guest Columnist Kevin Smith Strikes Back with Reaper

Kevin Smith, Reaper

Indie filmmaker Kevin Smith had a cult following and a thriving career, but when he was jeered by TV Guide, it all came crashing down. That is, until he found redemption — and TV Guide critical praise — with the new dark hit Reaper (tonight, 9 pm/ET, CW). Here, he shares his experience of the highs and lows. October 2005. After 11 years of being a filmmaker, I was feeling pretty OK with where I stood career-wise. Never the author of blockbusters, I was nonetheless able to carve out a niche for myself in the movie biz. And that niche led to an invitation, from time to time, to dabble in the medium I've long considered my first love — television. Ah, sweet TV: my longtime baby-sitter, surrogate parent and sometime best friend. Indeed, long before I knew what a film was (and some will tell you I still don't), I'd s read more

Comic-Con Gives the Fans What They Want

Michelle Ryan, Skeet Ulrich, Masi Oka and Matt Dallas by Sean Smith/

At the 38th Annual Comic-Con International, fans of the sci-fi and fantasy genres proved they're no longer on the fringe. The mammoth convention, held this past weekend at the San Diego Convention Center, attracted more than 125,000 people, and in a nod to the fact that the event has gone far beyond comic books, it has billed itself as "celebrating the popular arts." Movie studios and TV networks packed huge rooms with rabid fans eager for exclusive scoop and swag.On the first day it was officially confirmed that Zachary Quinto, Heroes' slithery villain Sylar, will indeed be playing Spock in the next Star Trek movie (opening Dec. 25, 2008). Director J.J. Abrams made the announcement during a Paramount Pictures panel, and in a symbolic passing of the ears, Leonard Nimoy, who originated the role on TV and in previous movies and will play an elder Spock in Abrams’ movie, joined the discussion. "People have been asking me why I’m doing this movie," Nimoy said. "We have a great... read more

CW Announces Its Fall Lineup

On Wednesday night, CW's top-rated series, America's Next Top Model, showed double-digit growth last season and was the No. 1 show in its time slot with women 18-34. Next season, America's Next Top Model will stay in its 8-9 pm berth, followed by the new drama Gossip Girl from 9-10 pm. From The O.C. producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, Gossip Girl is based on the best-selling young-adult book series of the same name. The show features an ensemble cast of new and veteran actors, including Blake Lively (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and Leighton Meester (Surface), and chronicles the struggle for social supremacy among teens in a posh Manhattan prep school. The fun, sexy and dramatic hour is a perfect companion piece for Top Model's strong female audience, making Wednesday "Girls Night In" on The CW. On Thursday — television's most competitive night — Smallville and Supernatural deliver a solid mix of male and female viewers. On Friday, the wildly popular ... read more

How Ben Affleck "Suited Up" as Hollywoodland's Superman

Ben Affleck, Hollywoodland

Recently, Ben Affleck seemed to be better known for his romantic involvements than his talents on screen. But with Hollywoodland (available now on DVD), the actor is changing all that. The fact-based flick, detailing the mysterious death of ‘50s Superman George Reeves, earned Affleck great reviews and a Golden Globe nod (for best supporting actor). More importantly, this dark Tinseltown tale reminds audiences that Affleck was delivering fine performances — in films such as Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting — long before read more

Silent Bob, Rome's Mark Anthony Join Wild 'Child

Per the Hollywood Reporter, View Askewniverse auteur Kevin Smith and British thesp James Purefoy (Rome) have joined the cast of Manchild, a Showtime comedy pilot based on a BBC series about four chums who hit midlife crises. Smith will play a cynical, self-loathing divorced guy, while Purefoy's character is fancied as the circle of friends' ad hoc leader, a wealthy club-hopper who doesn't date anyone over 25. John Corbett and Paul Hipp round out the quartet. read more

Comic-Con Roundup

Tobey Maguire and Samuel Jackson

The lines were longer than ever at this year's Comic-Con International, the annual celebration of all things geeky. Just ask the thousands of Battlestar Galactica fans who waited en masse outside of Ballroom 20 to see their favorite Cylons and colonials in the flesh. Meanwhile, the queue for New Line's special Snakes on a Plane presentation snaked (ha ha ha) out the door and down the side of the massive convention center. There are only two possible explanations for the sheer number of people who invaded San Diego for that weekend: 1) Nerds have learned how to clone themselves or 2) Geek culture is now mainstream culture. Either way, Comic-Con '06 was one for the ages. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of the four-day extravaganza. Best Teaser Trailer (Mo read more

Kevin Smith. Joss Whedon. ...

Question: Kevin Smith. Joss Whedon. Lucy Lawless. Michael Ausiello. Just look at the company of guest stars you are in at Veronica Mars — I'm proud of you! How'd it go on Friday? And which was the better "guesting" experience: Veronica or Gilmore?

Answer: Please don’t make me choose. OK, Veronica Mars wins — but only because they gave me (pause for dramatic effect) my very own trailer! I. Kid. You. Not. In case you live under a really big, soundproof rock, I landed on Mars' San Diego set Friday morning to tape my role as "Blushing Guy" in Episode 15, airing Feb. 22. (It's all part of my bid to take over the world a big behind-the-scenes feature coming up in TV Guide magazine and on Who the heck is Blushing Guy, you ask? He's a pivotal character who finds himself pulled into a bachelorette party being thrown for (spoiler alert) the sister read more

Is "Bumped Joey" Now on Earl's List?

My Name Is Earl's Jason Lee

Tonight, Earl Hickey claims that which is rightly his: a berth on NBC's Must-See TV slate, as the freshman hit My Name Is Earl relocates from Tuesday to Thursday at 9 pm/ET, where it will be followed by the equally worthy tagalong The Office. The shake-up also shuffles Will & Grace to the 8 o'clock slot, begging the question — and wasn't afraid to ask it — of whether Earl will be adding "aided and abetted the bumping of Joey from NBC's lineup" to his famous list of wrongdoings.

Earl creator Greg Garcia a read more

Logan in a towel... sigh. Still...

Michelle Rodriguez, Lost

Logan in a towel... sigh. Still good the second time around. I mean, the whole show is awesome, but eye candy just makes it an even tastier treat. That and the whole clever way they incorportate their guest stars. This season alone they've had Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon (both big fans of the show) in appropriate but splash-free roles. Then in this episode — "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang" (genius title, by the way) — they have Dandy Warhols singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor doing a heartbreaking rendition of "Love Hurts" at Java the Hut's karaoke night. Which is an especially cool thing since the Warhols sing the infinitely catchy theme song for the series. And though I took some flak from the few Jackie lovers out there after saying I was glad she hadn't been on in a while, I think I've figured out why I'm predisposed not to like her. Aside from the fact that Veronica doesn't trust the too-cool-for-sc read more

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