Kevin McHale



  • Dog Whisperer "I think Cesar Millan should be president. "
  • Top Chef "I can watch Top Chef all day. I can catch up with several episodes in one day and then I'm incredibly hungry and it always makes me go somewhere great afterwards to eat. I like Fabio. He's amazing. Just how he talks about food makes me want it. "
  • Guy's Family Feast "It's just so bloody funny. I really love it. "
  • Skins "I'm dedicated to the U.K. version, but now there's an American version that I'm excited to see. It's crazy and it's nuts, but you kind of wish you experienced that in high school -- not to that extent, but more to observe it. "
  • Misfits "I'm obsessed. I literally spent the last three days catching up on the last two seasons. Now I'm caught up and I'm annoyed I have to wait until November for another season. It's like Heroes and Skins combined. Everybody is just so good in it. "

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