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Happy holidays, everyone.The tides have changed for jailbird Brad Bellick. May the circle be unbroken. I wonder how long an ex ass-guard is gonna last in the Big House. Don't pick up the soap. Again we're off for hiatus, but this time we'll be back much earlier, with a recap [airing] Jan. 22! Then new episodes begin Jan. 29. We're still shooting here in Dallas — we've got two weeks off for the holidays, then back to work in early January — so we didn't get the three-month break this time. I think it'll be better for everyone. It's nice to gain a little anticipation with a hiatus, but three months was ridiculous! This is a little more like it.I thought [the fall finale] was a great episode. Surprises galore, turncoats, reversals of fortune... a lot like politics these days!I'm loving what the writers are giving Bellick this year. He's gotten to travel from the depths of despair to being $5 million richer to being put into his worst nightmare — back in gen pop in the p... read more

R.I.P., Roy Geary

Roy Geary is dead, gutted and bled out. At least he was happy before he died. A Cleveland what? I'm going to miss Matt DeCaro. We became good friends. I think we made a good team, too. He's a fine actor, very well-respected and renowned in Chicago theater. He's up for a Jeff Award (the Chicago TONY) this year for best actor; I hope he wins it. He was convinced the bigwigs at Fox were killing him off so they could develop a new TV series for Geary and Bellick. No one's been phoning my people about that! Not a bad idea, though! Bellick's still kicking... but for how long? Everything's ramping up and we're getting ready to launch the story into limbo for the holiday hiatus. Rumors are flying about the date we'll return. I've got to tell you, the new scripts are blowing me away, with plot twists and revelations I never expected. Holy moly!Been very busy in the best ways recently.... My family and I went to Chicago and saw Stacy Keach play King Lear in a wonderful production at the Good... read more

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