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Tue Dec 6 12:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectGot the Bug Out(Season 1, Episode 1) truTV

Michael poses as a phone technician and a bartender, and "resurrects" freeze dried animals.

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Tue Dec 6 12:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectDeep Space Air(Season 2, Episode 12) truTV

Michael creates otherworldly air while doing scientific research. Later, he serves up gravity-defying rolls at a bakery and takes on the role of a golf instructor, only to get tripped up by a sand trap.

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Tue Dec 6 1:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectHe's a Professional Dude(Season 2, Episode 25) truTV

Michael helps a co-worker while remodeling a home. Later, plays pranks on people at a hospital.

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Tue Dec 6 1:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectThe Framing Canon(Season 2, Episode 17) truTV

Michael becomes a piece of art; Michael loses his head.

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Tue Dec 6 2:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectA Problem with Chocolate Turtles and Seeds(Season 1, Episode 2) truTV

A milk carton prank; a shipping store prank; hijinks at a hotel.

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Tue Dec 6 2:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectOut of Control(Season 1, Episode 14) truTV

Kale connolis stun shoppers in a holistic store; a teddy bear comes to life in a toy store.

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Tue Dec 6 3:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectJust During the Previews(Season 1, Episode 17) truTV

Snacks for astronauts; a new kind of movie popcorn; an emotional, self-healing glass figurine.

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Tue Dec 6 3:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectMight be Trippin'(Season 1, Episode 21) truTV

Michael the karate instructor; a frog necklace; a realistic mannequin.

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Sun Dec 11 10:00am
The Carbonaro EffectA Positive Presence(Season 2, Episode 20) truTV

A corrosive drink is served up by Michael. Later, a trick for sneaker lacing and a woman who rises from the dead.

I’ll Watch26 Watching
Sun Dec 11 10:30am
The Carbonaro EffectFishguise(Season 2, Episode 13) truTV

Michael visits a copy shop and introduces a print-by-hand method. Also: Michael highlights fish fashion trends and mixes it up at an office.

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Sun Dec 11 11:00am
The Carbonaro EffectTop Priority of NASA(Season 2, Episode 21) truTV

Michael's tricks include a soup fit for space, odd ear wax removal and a mystic massage. Later, a mover travels through time.

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Sun Dec 11 11:30am
The Carbonaro EffectDrone Care(Season 2, Episode 22) truTV

Michael nukes some flowers before turning an ant farm into a work of art.

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Sun Dec 11 1:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectHouse of Horrors(Season 2, Episode 24) truTV

Pranks include: an app that makes coffee; a disposable phone; and a beauty gadget.

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Sun Dec 11 1:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectTurn to Gold(Season 2, Episode 6) truTV

Michael makes gold while working in a eyeglass shop. Also, a tanning booth trick is performed.

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Sun Dec 11 2:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectIguanasaurs(Season 1, Episode 23) truTV

A collapsing spray can; a shrinking leprechaun costume; a hatching dinosaur egg.

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Sun Dec 11 2:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectFlash Melt(Season 1, Episode 25) truTV

A trick is performed in a convenient store involving winning lottery numbers. Later, a woman is impressed by a gifted child in a toy store and Michael poses as a party planner in Japanese restaurant.

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Sun Dec 11 4:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectGreen Friendly(Season 1, Episode 9) truTV

A shrinking wine bottle with a confounding cork; vanishing diamonds in a jewelry store; going green at the car wash.

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Sun Dec 11 4:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectDon't Freeze Me!(Season 1, Episode 6) truTV

A light box turns heavy in a sporting goods store; Michael poses as a barista for a glass illusion; a boomerang in a museum; taxidermy mischief.

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Sun Dec 11 5:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectA Waddle, a Scratch...(Season 1, Episode 3) truTV

A duck fools thrift store shoppers; an endless chain of hangers; cheese corks in a liquor store; freezing wine; destroying and reconstructing art in a museum.

I’ll Watch90 Watching
Sun Dec 11 5:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectThe Lizard Law(Season 1, Episode 7) truTV

A lucky serpent at a Mexican restaurant; metal-melting salsa; a brown bag lunch that keeps on giving; the freshest frozen entrée ever; dead flowers revived.

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Tue Dec 13 11:00am
The Carbonaro EffectJust Smash It Out(Season 1, Episode 4) truTV

Broken windows at a car wash; mischief at the dry cleaner's; pet shoppers see fish in a dry water bowl.

I’ll Watch82 Watching
Tue Dec 13 11:30am
The Carbonaro EffectOut of Bounce(Season 1, Episode 5) truTV

Too good to be true toys; Michael poses as a personal trainer who sweats a bucket-full; a disappearing car makes a security guard panic.

I’ll Watch59 Watching
Tue Dec 13 12:00pm
The Carbonaro EffectOut of Control(Season 1, Episode 14) truTV

Kale connolis stun shoppers in a holistic store; a teddy bear comes to life in a toy store.

I’ll Watch57 Watching
Tue Dec 13 12:30pm
The Carbonaro EffectThis is Not an Orange(Season 1, Episode 15) truTV

Surprising shoppers with items featuring hidden compartments; a raft in a pill; a new way to levitate.

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